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Patriots Add 16 Undrafted Free Agents

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    Celluloid heroes | Boston Herald | Karen Guregian

    It has been previously documented on how Bill Belichick enjoys the scouting aspect of coaching, something he learned at a young age from his father. The emphasis on ability to study and break down film is one reason for the Pats adding all the players from Rutgers, and that quality presumably applies to the team's 19 undrafted free agents as well.

    “I learned that at Rutgers, and something I think Rutgers does a great job with,” said Jones, who lived with the McCourty twins on campus a few years back. “When coach Schiano was there, he did a great job instilling that in us, the game of football, a lot of it is mental. Coach (Kyle) Flood (who replaced Schiano when he left for the NFL’s Tampa Bay Buccaneers) also instilled that in us, too. But I think that’s why Rutgers guys transition well into this league because that film study is a huge benefactor to being a good football player.”

    So, connecting the dots, the one prominent thread linking all the players is a film fetish.

    When McCourty was taken in the first round in 2009, one of the things Belichick noted about the defensive back was how impressive he was in the film room, breaking down and exploiting game tape. Belichick spoke in superlative terms. The only other time he’s singled out a player’s film room expertise was when he drafted Jerod Mayo, comparing the linebacker with Ray Lewis in that regard.​

    On a completely separate topic, here is a BB factoid that I was not aware of:

    Quick-hit thoughts around NFL & Pats - New England Patriots Blog - espnBoston

    Random fact: In Bill Belichick’s 14 years as head coach, he’s employed a left-footed punter at the start of every season. It’s no coincidence, as I think it’s his preference based on the spin of the ball off a left-footed punter. Both Allen and Mesko are left-footed.​
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    Thanks to all for all the information on our UDFA class. It only goes to show you that even the far end of NFL rosters are populated by very very good football players and athletes.

    That being said, I don't know who, but we all know that at least one of these kids is going to come out of no where and make the final roster, and 3 will be on the practice squad. There are distinct advantages to being an UDFA.

    Its nice to be drafted, and get a signing bonus. But in the long run, its even better to pick the team with the right system and best chance to make the team. With all the talent and success the Pats have, you wouldn't think that the Pats would be a premium destination for rookie FA's. But the Price factoid that there were 29 players who started their careers as UDFA's on the roster BEFORE the draft, shows that the best players will play, is not just a saying. Once camp starts, where you were drafted or even IF you were drafted has no meaning on the Pats.
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    Looks like LB Ian Sluss & RB Quentin Hines have already been released.
    Maybe to make room for LB Matt Evans & QB Ryan Osiecki?

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