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OT: Saints vs Cardinals game discussion (NFL Hall of Fame Game)

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Disco Volante

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It's that time of year where you get slightly excited for the kick-off of the NFL's exhibition season only to be reminded 2 series in just how awful pre-season football is.

Regardless, here's a discussion thread. Take a shot every-time the word "bounty" is mentioned.
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Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
Saints score a TD on their opening drive. That'll probably be it for Brees.


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I hope for the Cardinals sake the defense tackles better than that when the regular season comes around! It was atrocious.

Deus Irae Retired Jersey Club Supporter
I'm really not sure what the hell Kolb was thinking there. There was no way that ball was getting through.

Ron Sellers

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Shouldn't that have been a touchback on the long punt, when the 2nd Arizona player that downed the ball slid onto the goal line? Would have thought NO would throw the red flag, though maybe they prefer the situational football in preseason.

102 Pat

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I know it's a meaningless pre-season game, but damn it's nice to have the NFL back on TV.


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his year it looks like the Cards will be another classic case of having all the talent surrounding, but they're just missing a QB.

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The injury to Kolb just gives Skelton more of a fair chance at the starting job. I personally think he's the better option anyway.
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