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Game Day Thread Official Pre Game Thread- J-E-T-E @ Patriots

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Miles Bryant from PS to starter?

Bryant is already on 53. Not sure slot is his best spot.
Normally you would move Mills in and Joju outside when needed . unfortunately Williams did not look the part.

When JJ was out vs DAL they mixed DBs around with Mills and Bethel (who did ok on a few snaps) covering from the slot.
It was a big nickel game & JJ came back so nothing significant.

They will likely elevate Ross from PS who was top slot CB in TC when JJ was out.
Would be surprise if he starts though.

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Jete is plural.



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In other news our tickets did not sell despite listing them at lower than face value. It didn't take long for interest in the team to plummet as we predicted once they started losing.
What section are they in?

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The slot is the Only spot for Bryant, who has neither the size, length nor long speed for the outside.

I thought Ross played more often on the outside than he did on the inside...?

Ross had his best showing as nickel vs NYG and best practice acc to my book. He did practice outside as well but Jackson was ahead of him.
Never meant Bryant as outside corner more at the back in safety rotation if needed.

I understand he is candidate for some slot duties tomorrow just not his best position within DB rotation imo.
While he might be best PS DB overall Ross is probably better for the slot CB specifically.

Well see what the game plans will be. JJ played 30-70% snap games this season.
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