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Game Day Thread Official Pre Game Thread- Browns @ Pats (Patriots 1000th game ever!)

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Browns have no RBs. I would advocate for playing most of the game in nickel, problem is which DBacks see the field?

JC Jackson, Mills, Bryant, Philips, Dugger.
Judon, Hightower, Van Noy.
Barmore, Guy, Wise.

Collins first LB off the bench.
Keep Bentley, Slojuan, Godchaux seated.

Team is really light on true man-corners. Really misses Gilmore. Could have been a contender-level defense with Gilmore.
Is McCourty having a baby?

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LaCosse elevation is interesting. Smith to be a surprise inactive? or will they use LaCosse to help out the OTs with Garrett.

Jonnu looked quite banged up . i was surprised he even practiced.
But maybe he could be up for some HB role which of course is off line and they want to have two online TEs vs CLE.
Both Jonnu and even more Henry were quite disappointing as inline blockers so ironically LaCosse might be best blocking TE at the moment . which is funny bc he was brought as a move TE the first time around and learned real blocking only in NE.

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How about playing Barmore more. Guy is a stud. Give Barmore all of Godchaux's snaps. Godchaux is only good for getting blown 2 yards off the line on key plays.

got to keep barmore fresh to rush the passer. Plus at this point, he is an average run defender.


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Brown active?

Let's see the JUMBO 6-man OL in this one




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Good news:

Stevenson behind the Jumbo 6-man OL


He was eating up the Panthers before he got knocked out of the game by a fluke thing and Panthers got a good defense Stevenson was well on his way to having the best game by a RB vs the Panthers this season only Elliot & Cook had more combined yardage

Elliot- 143
Cook- 140
Stevenson- 106

11 minutes was left in the game when he went out. Not unreasonable to think he could have gotten 30-40 more yards. Hey who is to say if he doesn't get injured he doesn't next play take it to the house 46 yards for a TD.
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