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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Vikings beat the Pats

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This is where we gather to follow things on Game Day. Obviously, emotions tend to be high so if anyone gets a little crazy, the use of the “Mute” button is encouraged on anyone who may be annoying to you to control your experience and to allow the moderators to also enjoy the game.

At the same time, please take a deep breath before over-reacting for the sake of making this a pleasant experience for everyone.

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Aghalor looks like he broke his left arm based on how he appeared to land. That’s not going to help Mac at all.

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You can't just make up rules as you go along. The ball moved when he hit the ground. As much as it sucks for us that isn't a catch.
I thought they changed the rule? See: SB 52.


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Mac doesn't a high football IQ. That's the problem.
Made a few mistakes taking sacks but I’ll take it if he protects the football and doesn’t squeeze the ball into double covered WRs. That was the best game of Mac’s career.

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Talent wise, we are good enough to compete with ANYONE, but it has to be a clean game in all facets. We need to focus on making the playoffs by the skin of our teeth and see what happens. I'll keep the faith but it doesn't really feel like our year. Next year after we move on from the majority of our free agents seems better.
I completely disagree. At the most important position we have a lower echelon QB. At the WR position we have a bunch of #3's. We just saw tonight how much a true number 1 means to an offence. Our o-line has been a mess all year and we'll likely need 2 new starting tackles next year. On D we have some nice pieces but need more talent at LB and will need to replace McCourty. You really think we are good enough to compete for a SB?


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I saw him reach for the endzone, the ball hit the ground, and IMMEDIATELY become dislodged. If it hadn't become dislodged, then the ball would've been securely held by HH when he rolled over. But when he rolled over he clearly didn't have possession of it.

It's the same idea as this play:

You HAVE to survive the ground.


Maybe I'm reading this wrong, Feel free correct me, But he caught the ball right lemme just put a Check next to A? And then his feet hit the ground right, so that covers B. Then in C it says "extend it forward" . I can't help but notice in your post you used the words "I saw him reach for the endzone"
So Excuse me, I just need to go look at the photo and video again, and yeah, hes got the ball, He's got posession, His feet both touched the ground, and then he EXTENDED THE BALL OVER THE GOAL LINE.

a..b..c.. touchdown.

Move along.

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we have good offensive players and good scheme.our playcalling is just pulling lottery numbers out of a bag. There is no sequencing to setup plays or call complimentary plays.


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A Bills loss and its Draft talk.
I’m ready for draft talk now!

Would love to see them address tackle, linebacker and receiver. I don’t really follow much college ball but would love to see Zay Flowers playing for Pats next season.

Obviously a new offensive coordinator is a must too this offseason.


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but we have "studs" like Agholor that Stops running mid route.
I noticed that too. The play on fourth and forever at the end of the game. He stopped running his route. Then he had to compensate by stretching out.

If he had not given up on the route, that could have been an amazing catch. Amazin’.

But Agholor is not a strong character guy in the receiver room. First round talent, but a loser in effort.

Boomer B

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No, it came off the ground, then moved when it jammed into his helmet:

It still moved when he hit the ground. Right away on TV the ex-official called it a non catch. If that was on the Vikings we'd all be saying you need to survive the ground.


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Meyers catches a lot of balls, and then instantly goes to the ground. He went straight to the ground at the end with 2 seconds left and no one around him, waiting for someone to come up and touch him down.
I still don’t understand what the heck that play was. I assume the point was for Meyers to attempt to run to the EZ? But instead he just fell down for no reason.

Mac threw his helmet off immediately afterward.

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Brady used to take bad sacks in the red zone. Mac played a very good game today. But Cousins was a touch better. More mobile and a bit more pocket presence.

Brady got a safety from an intentional grounding throw away in the opening drive of the superbowl against the Giants

Brady has a low football IQ, apparently
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