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Sep 27th

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Great to get off to a 1-0 start and get a division win. Loved the way Cam played and I think overall our defense was good.

Harry looked better but had the one bad fumble. Our running game was as good as I can remember and Taylor really looked explosive.

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I was going to say something encouraging, but Ashley locking the thread really put me out of the mood. So, instead i'll just say...

Go pats, great job.


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It’s crazy to think; all these years, AFC Least teams have invested major resources (unsuccessfully) attempting to build teams to counter/beat a Brady-led offense (interior pressure, cover LBs, man-cover CBs etc..) only to have to deal with a brand new offensive headache (a Newton-led ZR, Power, Motion, RPO etc..offense.) That’s gotta suck..

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