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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Miami beats the Pats

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Dec 12th
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This is where we gather to follow things on Game Day. Obviously, emotions tend to be high so if anyone gets a little crazy, the use of the “Mute” button is encouraged on anyone who may be annoying to you to control your experience and to allow the moderators to also enjoy the game.

At the same time, please take a deep breath before over-reacting for the sake of making this a pleasant experience for everyone.


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Tough to a slow start, bad int by Mac, defense can't come up with a big stop when it matters......well, next week, we're in the playoffs...obviously we need to play better.

We'll have to monitor some of the injuries.

Let's discuss!!!!!


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Outcome didn't really matter, but it sucks to keep losing to Miami.

We still have one more game but in general I feel like I've seen the team in every phase. In the beginning of the year they played below their level, in the middle of the year they played far above their level, and right now I think this is exactly who the team is. A great defense with a glaring hole and a young but promising QB that makes really big mistakes.

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Bad loss. Especially with the injuries. Makes you wonder if they don't play all out there is a better chance to get hurt? They sure were not focused today.


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We deserved to lose. Only a few players, such as Bolden, put forth the needed effort to compete.


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congrats miami you beat a Pats team without their 2 best run stoppers and needed game changing ref calls to do it. meanwhile you still got tua who can't throw.

what seed is miami after that win....oh wait...


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It's gonna be a long day when they play the Bengals.

This game was yet again, too conservative. Patriots were 4th and less than 1 yd and they decide to PUNT.

What the hell! Just unleash Mac Jones!

Mustangs84 Supporter Supporter
It goes without saying they need to get off to a better start. Can't keep continually getting behind early. Battled back again, but couldn't quite complete the comeback again. So close a few times. That'll be the next step for this team.

The refs were bad today, definitely gifted Miami on a few occasions. The refs are just plain bad across the league. So many inconsistent calls. Somehow these guys can turn offside calls into discretionary calls.

Excited for the playoffs either way!


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This is who the patriots are. They have been this way all season. If they make mistakes, they are gonna lose. If they fall behind, they are gonna lose. If they can't play their game, they are gonna lose. They aren't good enough to overcome this. They have to play their game or they aren't gonna win. The only chance the pats have of doing anything this postseason is if they are allowed to play their game on their terms. If they can't, they won't win.

reflexblue Supporter Supporter
Bad loss. Especially with the injuries. Makes you wonder if they don't play all out there is a better chance to get hurt? They sure were not focused today.
The players and Coaches haven't been focused since the first buffalo game, that was dec13th. Jacksonville is more like an aberration. Ive lost faith in the patriots to be focused and disciplined, and i blame the coaches more than the players, the players have been unprepared. When this team suffered a bad loss they would answer the call the next week, very rarely would they lose two in a row. This year they lost to indy bad and never showed up the next week against buffalo. They beat the jags last week, jacksonville is the worst if not the worst team in the league. The officiating is putrid, and has been for years, but watching these guys for the last month is like watching the pats from the late 80's
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