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Game Day Thread Official Post Game Thread- Bucs beat the Pats

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Major Themes: Belichick remains an elite defensive mastermind goat, Brady remains a clutch QB goat, Mac Jones has sky-high franchise QB potential, the OLine continues to suck.

1. Patriots' Defense played great. Really stepped up especially the secondary. JC Jackson held his own against Evans. J.Jones was solid. Judon is mini-LT. Brady only had a 70 QB rating.

2. Loved Steve Belichick calling the defensive plays and also making wild animal faces on the sidelines. He called a great defensive game. Mad Dog Steve. Mad Max Steve.

3. Mac Jones is the real deal QB as I've been saying for a year. Elite accuracy, toughness, decision making, leadership, he's a legit franchise QB with a ton of potential. Very tough kid who keeps taking vicious hits.

4. OLine continues to be garbage. Why keep Karras on the bench. Herron and Durant kept swapping at RT in the game, 4th straight week of ineptitude. Fire Cirillo the OLine coach who was a D3 college coach before coming here.

5. Both TEs finally got a chance to get some red zone TDs. Only took 4 weeks to figure out.

6. Patriots offense and OC could only score 17 against a terrible Bucs secondary missing its 3 starting cornerbacks. Disappointing how often the offense was stopped and unable to take advantage of a very bad Bucs secondary. Way too many Pats drives ended in 4th-and-25.

7. This game felt a lot like the 2001 Superbowl where the Pats defense held up its end in stopping the explosive Bucs, but this time around we have a way sh-ttier offensive coordinator. McD is no Charlie Weiss. Last Pats series was 3 straight incomplete spread shotgun passes.

8. A 1-3 record really hurts and the Pats should change the fraud OC next year, as well as think about trading some old vets now for picks and let younger guys play.
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Both teams tried giving that away. Pats had the ball last and gave it away by trying for that FG. It was close but seems like it was less than 50/50 he'd make that. I can assure you that everyone on the Bucs wanted them to attempt the FG.


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Good game. Rain helped and so did the other team missing their entire CB group but what was that at the end. Has Folk ever made a kick that long in his entire career? What about college? And if he makes it you leave 1 min+ and 2 timeouts? Just a bad ending to such a hard fought game.


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Felt it at the time that the field goal there didn't give us the best chance to win. From the difficulty of the kick to giving Brady the ball back with two timeouts. Felt we needed to bring it within 50 yards with no time left to win it.

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I’m not sure why they went for the 56 yard field goal. Even if Folk makes it, you give Brady the ball back with 2 time outs and 1 minute on the clock needing a field goal. Brady isn’t letting that slip by. I know Jones did a ton, but should have given him a shot on that 4th snd 3.

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While I think the team played better than most thought they would, at some point they're going to have to convert these efforts into wins. Too many 'ifs' and 'buts'.

Great game, was a lot of fun despite the heartbreak at the end....

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Kicking that 56 yarder was a dumb ass decision.

Injured kicker.
Folk has no range.
Too much time left and two TOs even if you make it.

Put the game in Mac's hands. If he loses, he loses... but do not screw the team with dumb ass decisions like that.

That being said, I am happy about tonight. Mac responsed GREAT to the Saints ass kicking. He played very very well. Defense was much better. We gave ourselves a chance to win.

Sucks to be 1-3 though...


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Such a great game , not the outcome I wanted but we hung with the SB defending champs. This team could easily be 3-1, a 1 point loss to Miami and a 2 point loss to Tampa. The future looks bright with Mac, now we just need to get him a few more pieces like an entire new o-line and a true #1 WR and he can be the our QB for many years to come.
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