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I just wanted to take a moment to start a thread about a Guy who I feel does not get enough fanfare, at least not as much as his play deserves. I know he plays one of the "dirty" positions in the league that is not glamorous and doesn't fill up the stat sheet, and I also know that there are other guys that can be singled out for their outstanding play on D, but this guy has quietly put together two full dominant seasons now at his position. Add to the fact that this is after a pretty low-key acquisition compared to others. If memory serves, he started as just a rotational guy at first and I think a lot of fans viewed him that way coming in, but he is now pretty much in on every snap and he makes a ton of plays in both the run and pass game. He has been versatile, playing multiple DL positions, he sets the edge and he gets sacks (and pressures). As much as we talk about how the D would change if one of the bigger name guys goes down, I feel the D would be equally impacted if something were to happen to Guy. He's got to be one of the more underrated pickups in the BB era, similar to how I view Van Noy's acquisition.

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Couldn't agree more. I love this Guy. That arm tackle on the RB while engaged with a lineman was beautiful. A lesser man tears a bicep attempting that.
I want to add John Simon as another awesome addition who makes big plays and just does his job.


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Been saying since last year he has been our Best DL (outside of Flowers, ofc). He's very smart on the field

Very dependable and reliable too, every game he shows up


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I remember when we signed him it wasn't one of those players I really gave a second thought to but Bill knows what he's doing when it comes to D-linemen.


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Let's not get carried away. Seymour is a hof caliber player. Guy is good, but no comparison
Yeah, I very much have to agree with this. He's good, but Big Sey should end up in the Hall (though he may have to wait a while). I always felt confident going into a game when he was in the lineup.

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Guy and Big Sey are two different types. Seymour was a well regarded top talent when he came into the league. Guy was, well, Just A Guy. But he’s developed and improved and shown unexpected upside and is now getting to the point where he can quietly be a rock in the trenches. It wouldn’t take much more development for him to start being as capable as Seymour was, he just took a different path to get to that same stalwart D lineman. Not quite there yet, but he could still develop to the same kind of stature. In a way I like his career arc better, he was handed nothing, took a blue collar lunch bucket approach and built himself into a superior NFL defensive lineman. That’s an accomplishment.
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