Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Week 9 Pats @ Ravens

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Sep 27th

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God, I hate when an opponent opens their mouth and we let them back it up. The defense looks very average (at best) tonight


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Ain't our night
This is how I am starting to feel as well.

They showed something by not quitting after a rough start. A few key plays (Collins jump, Edelman fumble, 4th down and 4 made by Ravens) didn’t go NE’s way.


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Refs spotting them 11
Edelman fumble
Not challenging a blatant OPI on a 4th down conversion

If the Pats win this they've overcome some big swings.

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Lamar Jackson is playing an excellent game. He made 3 very clutch plays on that drive.


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The defense allowing 6 points wouldn't be terrible. Allowing 6 points and giving up 8 minutes of time? That was something they really needed to not allow.

The Pats are trying their best to extend the game but the Ravens are doing well to shorten it when they can. The Pats need to play like they need 3 drives to win. Need to move FAST.
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