Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Week 9 Pats @ Ravens

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Sep 27th

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Collinsworth: "Haha, and who's beatin' 'em?"

Michaels: "The other guys."

Collinsworth: "Yeah, the other guys!"

Me: turns to glare at the "other guys" wearing black and white stripes


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Ravens were rightabout their Offense saying they haven't seen anything like us.
Of course they were right . . . we hadn't. Everyone was getting mad when people were saying the Pats D hadn't seen anyone, but that was accurate. This is the best O they've seen to this point.

With that said, they've shown that they're really good. You can't really do much with an athlete like Lamar other than what they've done. What continues to concern me is the run D. That's something that's becoming a recurring thing.


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I would like to see a different view of that touchdown. I don't understand how a slow TE gets that wide open. Who The hell was McCourty covering?


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Welp thats game.
The reality is, that just wasnt good enough. The refs helped but those were too many shots on the foot.
Yeah if there’s one thing I’ve seen watching this run for two decades, it’s that’s they never come back down 10 in the fourth quarter.


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I really feel like we will see Baltimore again. And the results will be different. They may have won the battle. The Pats will win the war.


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The missed XP is very interesting. A 10 point game is much better than 11. Difference between having to go for 2 or not. A TD and a FG now ties you up. Two TDs puts you up 4 instead of 3.
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