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Game Day Thread Official Game Day Thread- Divisional Playoff Chargers @ Pats

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Dec 18th

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Not thrilled that they let their foot off the gas here.

From your standpoint I can see that but Pats fans would just as soon there wasn't a starter left out there

aluminum seats

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I was going to be happy with 3 score win but 2 works just fine also. This game was GREAT. No stress.

We will have to endure the Chiefs are more talented garbage for another week again.
Having it be conventional wisdom that the other team is better seems to work out pretty well for the pats most of the time…


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Don't recall us being up 4 scores in Miami.
Yeah that comparison would only work if we'd been winning by an additional two scores in the fourth quarter.

There is a massive difference between a 27 point lead and a 14 point lead. Kinda weird how many people aren't understanding that


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Ive been on here for 12 years, every year the pats have a winning record, super bowl wins etc, and every year, every game day the same people come on here and complain the the pats suck. Just bizarre.
Some people are born miserable


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Now we'll listen to hot takes all week about how bad this defense is, despite holding Rivers to under 50% completion -- half his yards in the 4th quarter, and none of the points actually mattered. They have under 20 yards rushing (an incredible turn around from the regular season), and Rivers has been throwing up prayers downfield all game, but somehow the garbage time yards and TDs will fuel the losers who grasp after these negative stats like the nectar of the gods.
There are posters here that claim: game is 60 minutes, blah blah, D sucked for allowing all those pts in the 4th, blah, blah. Its endless the annoyance of some of these geniuses.


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Noticed that too haha, he did say family tho

Btw anyone catch him saying how “we suck and no one thinks we can win any games”

That locker room is pissed

Yeah they are, and I'm glad they are. Always better to be the more pissed off team


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There goes Coach again being wrong. He picked Chargers. What a loser.
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