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Game Day Thread OFFICIAL Game Day Thread- Browns @ Pats

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Steelers tied with the Lions with 2 min left... Saints in red zone down 8 vs Titans with 2 min left... important for AFC seeding ahead of the Pats


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This team is on a tear, and I never thought this would be the case, but I'm rooting for you guys to make some noise this year. I thought they were pretty unfair with BB and his staff after last year. This is the revenge season, and BB's ultimate adjustments.


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not to surprising. Heinicke put up a decent fight in the playoff match against the Bucs last year.

I think the WFT would have beaten Tampa last year if Heinicke didn't get hurt. It didn't help Tampa that Arians basically said the only reason Heinicke played well against Tampa last year was because the Bucs didn't know he was going to play. Heinickie shoved it up his ass.


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Ever had one? They’re scary man. You really do think you broke it. Hope that’s the case here too.

Otherwise, we’re smoking that Browns pack today. This team looks very good.
Yeah.. I have.. Playing as a hockey goalie in college.. Had a 250 lb defensemen barrel into me when I was down on the ice.. scary as f**k..


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Dont smoke but i feel like i need one after this game....
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