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Dec 6th

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Hmmm, this offense is not in sync, Cam is holding on to the ball for way too long, this means they barely had any practice.
Let the run game do the job.


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Pats aren’t stopping the run very well in the half. This really should be the book on our defense.


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Being within 9 is huge right now, if we can do anything at all in half 2. Im not sure about that though, depleted on the lines and lack of practIce obviously has hurt

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. That back side run is an example of something you can do when you have 2 weeks to practice it . There is a great example of the inequality of this particular game. Now I know this isn't the NFL's fault, but rather a function of this chaotic time in our country. But to use some parlance of the past, Denver has clearly had an "UNFAIR ADVANTAGE" in the run up to this game. And in fact I am fairly surprised to see how close this game still is. LOTS of time and the ball first.. So to win this game is not impossible, it isn't going to be easy


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I think there are just too many things working against the Patriots this year. Poor draft selections, injuries, COVID opt outs & TB12 leaving, it might just be too much to overcome

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Down 3 starters on the OL and the other 2 playing out of position is clearly showing. With Denver sending extra bodies they need more quick hitters.

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This team had the potential to be pretty darn good, but between injuries and COVID (and all the fallout from COVID) they've been gimped. It's a shame to see.

With a little luck they'd be 4-0 right now. 2-3 isn't a death sentence by any means, but you need to find the Ws somewhere. Hopefully they can pull this one out today - their depth is so thin but they still have a chance.

If they can weather the next month, survive the COVID inactives and injuries, and come out the other side with no more than 5 losses, then they'll have a chance late in the season to get in the playoffs and make a late push.


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Denver has taken Edelman and Harris out of the game. Forcing Cam to go elsewhere.
You’d think that maybe Harry would be able to get open but, uh, I guess not.
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