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Sep 27th

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Three straight holding/dpi that should have been called on KC and not a peep from Romo. Let a Pat db cast a shadow on a KC receiver and Romo questioned lack of or commended PI call
People will talk about the roughing-the-passer call but the Chiefs got away with DPI all night and were given a TD on the no-call on the pick play. I can't recall for certain but it seemed to me that the play where they called DPI on us in the end zone, the ball was uncatchable, several feet away from Kelce; if so, they gave the Chiefs two TDs.


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He looks like ALL of his dogs just died
I was just shocked to see him on TV. Other than a few Patriot games I have not watched one minute of ESPN in years and years. I cut the cord during the season and gave up the NFLN to do so. I only tuned in the ESPN because I figured there would be a big crow dinner to be served.


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Brady celebrating with Hoyer, then McDaniels and Belichick

Maybe someone with better headphones can transcribe what Brady said to Belichick. "Way to go, Bill! I love you too. What a f****** game! Do we have(?) ____ right?"
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