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Patriots Player Departure O/T: Nelson Agholor signs with Ravens


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He almost had a Good game against them when we played then his Ball security or lack thereof came to the fore. :rolleyes:


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He should work well there. All it is is Jackson scrambling and looking for whoever is open. Agholor can run in circles and get open.
Anvil hands still have to catch the football.

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3.24m, short money. Pats definitely didn't want him back.


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Remember when Bill was winning Day 1 of Free Agency with signings Nelson and Jonnu...
Spending Kraft Bucks like a virgin at cat house
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crawhammer Supporter Supporter
Agholor had 1 good game in the Patriots offense. This past season week 2 at Pittsburgh: 6 targets, 6 receptions, 110 yards (his second highest for the Patriots was 72 yards in week 1 of 2021), and 1 TD (on which he made a great play). He was pretty much a nonfactor in his other 31 games for the Patriots. BB gets an(other) F on this one.

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Wish it worked out….

He should be better in Baltimore though.


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That 2 year deal was an insane overpay at the time and looks even worse in hindsight. Bill the GM can't get out of Bill the coach's way.
Yeah, it was basically paying for his one year of high level play in Oakland and expecting him to keep doing that instead of reverting to his previous Eagle form. Not a wise decision on this one.

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