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Nink facing 4 game suspension

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That explains a lot. Last year of his contract he might be done here.


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Maybe they keep Grissom now or they go with 3 DEs and cause of Mingo/McCellin they don't mind going light and carry an extra DB.

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I guess you can rig it.

When it looks like he's healing and is 4 games away, activate him. Let him serve his suspension.

Nothing to activate him from. He would have made the team and been a game-day inactive. Now he's on the suspended list instead and the Pats get an extra roster spot for those 4 games. So could be "better" for us if Nink was going to miss 4 weeks anyway.


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Yeah, this is kind of a blessing in disguise. Nink gets 4 weeks to get healthy while team gets to keep an extra player like Grissom who may have otherwise felt the number crunch on the roster. Sheard, Flowers, and Long are perfectly fine as a rotation in the meantime.

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So we get a 4 week PUP for him? That's awesome!

We should do this with all our players who get injured in camp...

Remember that the league has threatened draft picks for teams who systemically have guys suspended. Of course, with Moron in charge, he'll say Brady and Nink is a trend and strip our 1st round pick again, and Kraft will bend over and say, "Thank you sir, may I have another?"....


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The Mingo pickup came at the right time, eh?
But honestly, aside from his leadership and experience, both very important of course, I'm not as bummed about Ninkovich missing a few games this year as I would have previous years. Pats have unreal depth at that position. It gives him more time to heal too.


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Queue the Pats-haters' chorus of "cheaters!!!" in 3... 2... 1...

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Sad for Nink and his rep. good for depth on 53 and some bubble boy we dont want to loose.
On the plus side gives him time to heal and prepare in peace.

I can already hear Ninkgate rumours starting ...
This team will get a lot of fresh blood midseason and from experienced starting vets.
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Well that's convenient, Ninkovich was probably missing at least four games anyway. If anything, it's kind of a blessing since it frees up a roster spot.
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