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PATSYLICIOUS Supporter Supporter
I never heard of this 'expedited review' thing where they overturn the Cooper catch without Cincy having to challenge it. When did that start or was the announcer wrong and they did challenge?


Hall of Fame Poster
The level of ineptitude in the NFL is something to behold.

18 minutes in, and the 2 teams have combined for 150 yards running and passing.


In the Starting Line-Up
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
If you thought MP was a bad playcaller you should watch this game


Defund Ukraine Supporter
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2022 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Remember when Zappe shredded the Browns?
I was just about to bring that up.

The same genius that dismissed Zappe because of the batted passes against the Bears also dismissed Zappe's excellent games against the worst D's in the league.

Well, I have watched Burrow already have 2 passes batted, one for an INT. And we are watching the Cleveland D shutout the Bengals in the first half.

Of course, only a pink hat NFL "fan" would post a knee-jerk opinion (or is it fact?) that the Browns have a bottom of the league defense.

Sciz Supporter Supporter
Okay, it’s kind of hilarious to see the Browns line up with 8 offensive linemen. Do teams even have an alignment prepared for that many big defenders?


Hall of Fame Poster
It's amazing what a difference losing a player like JaMarr Chase makes. The QB suddenly looks inept and the whole offense just devolves.

Players like Chase just require so much attention and they leave wide open space for other players. 71 yards and 2 turnovers is not a good look for Burrow

Rob0729 Supporter Supporter
Burrow has been a hot and cold QB all year. But losing Chase is going to make him cold a lot more until he gets back.

Sciz Supporter Supporter
Bengals really miss Chase that much?
The way I saw Bengals fans explain it is that while Boyd and Higgins are good players, they ran 4.58 and 4.59 respectively. The speed element is gone. That’s why I do think Agholor could make a little sense for them, assuming they’re not wanting to invest longer term in a guy like Cooks because Chase is coming back before long.


Huh? Supporter
2021 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Both these teams are snake-bitten. Just happens that Cincy's snake was more poisonous.

PATSYLICIOUS Supporter Supporter
Haha missed! Cleveland might just be able to pull this one out. Hopefully a heavy dose of Chubb and Hunt in half 2, Cincy's D is starting to wear down already they've been asked to do alot tonight.


Pro Bowl Player
Browns winning is good for us, but I'm conflicted. I prefer the Bengals over the Browns overall, but the Pats always come first !

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