NFL removes replay authority from on-field referee

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So now instead of the ref making a call and Blandino defending that ref on Twitter the next day, Blandino will have to justify his own decisions? I'm guessing Blandino will probably be deleting his Twitter account.

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Blandino has zero on-field experience.

The refs don't like him- see him as a "company man", plus the fact he's never reffed( absolutely ridiculous that the guy whose always been in charge of refs has never actually BEEN a ref!?!)

So essentially, the NFL suits i.e. goodell,are now in charge of all calls on the field.

This should go really well. I'm sure there won't be any bias vs. the Patriots.

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Question: As the refs calls are being reviewed, will the replay cronies (well they aren't officials if they are league office) be reviewed and, if so, by who and what level of transparency will there be.

Or is there no need because they know how to say the word, "Integrity"?


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He was basically doing this last year. The only thing that's changed is that Blandino is now "officially" making the calls.


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Translation: Goodell makes the final calls on all replays involving the pats.
So this is the year the fix is in again? The fix was in during the 2015 season, then the fix wasn't in last year. I'm guessing the fix is in during odd numbered seasons? Is that what's happening?
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