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NFC North vs New England

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Ok so for years I was lead to believe that the teams of the Midwest were tough places to play due to their cold winters, but my dad spends a lot of time in the New England states and he says that their winters are no joke. My question to you guys is, who do you think wins out as the Kings of Winterfell (Game Of Thrones pun thrown in there) lol?


I thought 2 of the NFC north teams played in domes? The vikings and the lions? (Vikings new stadium is eventually going to be covered i thought?) Auto disqualification.

So basically Chicago and Green Bay. Chicago's winters are about 5 degrees lower than Boston's on average. Green Bay's are between 10 and 15 degrees lower from my quick research. Green Bay wins. They can keep that title. They can have all the ice too.
Yea, but I'm shocked that Foxboro is only a little less cold than that of Green Bay. I also heard that New England gets more snowfall than those areas.


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I can't comment on green bay, but I grew up outside boston, moved to chicago, and boston gets 10x the snow chicago ever sees.
and although chicago winters ARE colder, you generally don't see the coldest temps until the last couple weeks of the season, maybe, where the bears may or may not be home, and new england typically plays on into january.

I suppose if you had to just pick 1 team out of the 8 it'd be green bay, followed up by buffalo.
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