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NEW ARTICLE: MORSE: Pondering the NFL Quarterback Carousel and Morse’s Morsel’s

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MORSE: Pondering the NFL Quarterback Carousel and Morse’s Morsel’s
Mark Morse
Some thoughts on how the NFL QB situation might play out, as well as some additional notes.

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captain stone

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Being the cheapskate that I am, I'm hoping to surrender as few future assets as possible by signing one of Trubisky/Brissett/Fitz as UFA bridges,
then using #15 on Mac Jones...NFW I'm throwing away the future on Lance or especially Fields...

The free agent list looks long, but of those on it the ones I would even want back are:

Nick FolkUFAK36
Jason McCourtyUFACB34
Cody DavisUFAS32
Lawrence GuyUFA43DT31
Justin BethelUFAST31
David AndrewsUFAOC29
James WhiteUFARB29
Carl DavisUFA43DT29
Joe ThuneyUFALG28
Damiere ByrdUFAWR28
Donte MoncriefUFAWR28
Deatrich WiseUFA43DE27
Adam ButlerUFA43DT27
Jermaine ElumanorUFAOL26

...and most of those aren't going to break the bank either, aside from Thuney of course...Of the opt-outs I would welcome back Hightower & Bolden, and Vitale & Marqise Lee I suppose since those two are on cheap deals...The other 4 can stay gone...

"There has been some talk that Bill Belichick went against the recommendations of the scouting staff when he selected Kyle Dugger and Josh Uche last season. Belichick attended the Senior Bowl last year when the Pats were eliminated from the playoffs early. This year Belichick did not attend the Senior Bowl and the theory was that he didn’t want to have a conflict with the scouts again. Personally, Dugger was at the top of my draft list and I praised Belichick for making the trade and selecting a DII player. I think Dugger had a great year as a rookie. On the other hand, I was never a fan of Uche and thought he was a disappointment."

Why in the world would Ducking Fugger be "at the top" of your draft list? You mean ahead of actual, young, back-7 talent like Antoine Winfield, Jeremy Chinn & Zach Baun? I wouldn't have even begun to look for Uncle Dugg until #71, at the Earliest.
I do agree with you regarding Josh Uche however...I wouldn't have looked for him until #87.
Didn't realize there was another rift between Bill/Creepy and the scouts regarding those two stiffs...I knew there was one regarding Kneal Harry the previous year...I hope Jonathan is ready to take serious action before we reach a point of No Return...