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Very nice article. I agree that the Dugger pick 6 turned the tide. That is obvious.

So is the excellent play of the secondary and the poor showing of special teams. That punter! Ugh!

Or, as Ashley would say, Ugh!!!!!!!!!

But I also feel the necessity of saying our tackles Trent Brown and that Jests practice squad pick up Conor McDermont deserve an Attaboy.

We no longer have the worst play in the league at OT.


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I don’t think the defense is elite yet, simply because they need to be able to play great against the best offenses before they can be considered an elite defense. They are, however, a really good defense, and could become elite over the next year or two.

The offense—-uggghhh. They have a number of the pieces in place, but the coaching is the worst since the pre Parcell days. Judge should replace Cam Achord, who has done a terrible job, and if he doesn’t want special teams just let him walk. The OL needs more talent, and Belichick needs to find a real OL coach. Replacing Scar is a huge gap to fill. The running back unit is excellent, they will likely lose Harris to free agency, but they are really good even without him. TE is a mystery, Henry will stay around, but their misuse of Jonnu Smith makes it likely that they just don’t know how to use him Like Bourne he looks good when they use him, they just don’t use them properly. As far as WR goes I think Agholor, Bourne, and Meyers are all gone. Agholor sucks, it was a bad signing. Meyers will get more on the market that Belichick will pay him, and Bourne should have been a starter all season, and for whatever reason they won’t use him. Thornton looks like a good pick, and will give them a deep threat and speed they really need.

QB: it’s really hard to judge Mac Jones on this season, but his limitations could be more than can be overcome at this level. And I don’t believe Zappe is a long term answer either. Defenses have become too fast and athletic for pocket passers to survive and thrive, and they are going to need a QB for the future that has the athleticism to be able to deal with the best defenses in the league, and match up with the high scoring offenses they are going to have to keep up with. If they see a QB at the top of this draft or the next one that they really like then they should be aggressive in trading up for them.

Coaching: Belichick is the GOAT, but this was the worst performance of his career. They need to radically improve the coaching staff. I can see Patricia actually becoming a good OL coach, otherwise make him into Ernie Adam’s. If they can’t find anyone else then bring O’Brien back, but I would much rather see one of the smart young offensive coaches brought in, or Frank Reich. I think it’s time to retire the Perkins/Erhardt offense, and move to one that is more explosive and creative. This offense is literally unwatchable,

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