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NEW ARTICLE: Five Thoughts On the Patriots’ Loss to the Ravens: Changes Need to Be Made

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Wasn't there also another attempt to Parker, early in the 2nd quarter, on a high floater near the goal line that gave the Safety plenty of time to help the CB break up the play? Another bad, force-fed decision by Corky in a season full of them.

Regarding the 4th-down call, it looks like Parker's man didn't break coverage until the ball was in the air, but the ball never, Ever should've been thrown to Bourne in the first place anyway... I HATE 3rd- & 4th-down passes that intentionally fall short of the sticks... That's puzzie sh!t.

There's no doubt that not having Josh McDaniels & (to a lesser extent, if not maybe more) Bo Hardegree is negatively impacting Mac's overall technique & his decision-making... There's no reason at all why Hardegree could not have been kept here; a promotion to merely a QB coach would've done the job, and Mac would've at least had some continuity in the meeting room.

Defensively, their tackling sucked, and their plan for Mark Andrews - if they even had one - was garbage... His 2nd TD was especially maddening because he was covered by our 8-figure Safety who had the ball taken from him like the little b!tch he's become this season. Perhaps if he spent less time flapping his lips and more time trying to justify his paycheck, our secondary would be in better shape than it is now...