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captain stone

Hall of Fame Poster
Not having Sam the Sham Darnit at QB for the NYJETE is definitely bad news for the NEP, whose defense needs as many bad QBs to face as possible so that they can believe that they're good again...

Pretty please with sugar on top Bill, do NOT ****ing trade up - or even take at #15 - the future Bust Justin Fields...I'm beggin' ya...

The league's Worst WRs coach of 2019, the arrogant Little Billy-wannabe Joey Judge, can go FECK can the ENTIRE New Jersey Vagiants organization, fans included naturally...

"While looking up some information on Josh McDaniels, I didn’t realize that both McDaniels and Nick Caserio played football together at John Carroll...Dave Ziegler and Jerry Schuplinski were also part of that group, rounding out a connection I obviously missed. The fact that they all ultimately ended up together in the NFL for one of the most successful franchises is also definitely pretty cool."

Actually it's Not cool...Quite the opposite, in fact...

And Billy & what's left of the cabal better not even ****ing think about wasting a ****ing pick on KJ ****ing Costello.
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