Need some help solving a multi-state Patriots watching challenge

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Thanks in advance.

My son is in NJ across the river from Philly, and I'm in DC. We normally find a way to hang out a few weeks a year, and the pandemic has put a dent in that. This morning we decided to watch all of the Pats games together while on videochat.

What are our options for both of us being able to stream the games live, with dependability and cost being the two criteria, in that order?

We've both got comcast as internet provider, if that's relevant.


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In your case, I would sign up for a free trial offer with Fubo. Their streams are excellent.
You do have to give them your credit/debit info but just cancel online within 7 days and you wont be charged. Ive done it before and no hassle. You can inly do this 1x year.
If Pats arent on here(NC) I usually just stream it on who took it over from reddit. Its free no credit card. Only problem is it will buffer at some point, usually on a key play. So in your case, dont do it. Go with Fubo or another major provider if theyve got a free trial offer.
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