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more controversy coming

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Dec 6th

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Not even his first time making this assertion either.

Steve:Section 102

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My sister and law makes it, it's amazing. It's not what I would have considered a Thanksgiving staple growing up, by my kids have had it all along.

I appreciate where Judon is on this, however.


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He’s right about Mac and cheese but it stays around because it’s the one thing the **** up in the family might be able to bring.

but I do want to fight him about calling stuffing dressing. I have never seen someone put stuffing on top of their turkey.

jimnance Supporter Supporter
I've never seen Mac N Cheese at Thanksgiving, is that common? I'm for it, just never heard of it in Maine.
I grew up in Boston but lived all over New England, Maine,Cape Cod. I also never once saw mac n cheese. Its not part of a typical New England Thanksgiving- and since New England started Thanksgiving 500 years ago, mac n cheese has no place on the table. Its wrong. Its a goofy thing made up by Southerners and Midwesterners- also known as Johnny-come-latelys.