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Many Want A Defensive Front Six Player At 21: Will Anyone There Be Worth the Pick

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mgteich Veteran Supporter
I think that depends on how well we like the receivers likely to be there in the 3rd round. If we find someone we like a lot in that range you go an pick him and forget about Isabella. However if you are just meh on what's there, then I think Isabella offers a more immediate potential producer at that "#6" guy,

WR's are soon going to evolve into that area where drafting them early WILL be a wiser decision than in the past, but not necessarily because the position is so important, but because with the salaries of even good but not great WR's is now OVER $20MM/yr and truly elite guys will be approaching $30/yr, you REALLY will need to start developing your own guys in order to keep your cap costs under control
Yes, there will be great value in developing our own WR's. That doesn't mean that Isabella is more reasonable than a meh 3rd or 4th rounder. With a 3rd rounder, there would be time to develop him,