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Mac Jones working out with MORE of the WR

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Oct 2nd
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My Mom says I'm a catch
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
Mac looks like he’s got gyno.

I hope this doesn’t affect him on that field this season.


My Mom says I'm a catch
2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
I'm speaking from extra layer of fat over the chest is one of the defining characteristics of an alpha male.

It's true.
I'll be clear, the last sentence in my post was a joke/sarcasm given how we are talking about a QB's chest.

1960Pats Supporter Supporter
I like how Mac is being very professional and working out with with guys who are looked at as not having a shot in making the team. Anybody who has played competitive sports at any level knows there are times it’s tough to get playing time for whatever reason. Mac is at least giving these guys a chance to build rapport before training camp.

And Rham is built like a tank. Look for him to have a big year.
I like the way Rham runs.


Author of the Port Huron Statement
I don’t think he has titties as much as he has puffy nipples. Either way, he’s in a LOT better shape entering the season. He looked like a rookie whose body was beginning to break down at the end of 2021. My best guess is it was due to the hits adding up on top of not being in an NFL workout program for more than a year. It’s promising that he’s taken steps to address that.
At least hes not pulling an Andrew Cuomo and piercing those things.

woolster22 Supporter Supporter
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
The drive and determination has always been there with Mac, you never have to worry about work ethic. Also he will always work hard to improve on what he thinks are his weaknesses. I’m not expecting the same crazy year one to year two (as a starter) improvements like he made in Alabama. Not like he was terrible the year before his final year in Alabama, it’s just that he was historically good his final year.

I expect him to make a decent jump from year one to year two. I expect him to be in the top 15 statistically this year, possibly top 10. I still expect the Pats to be a run dominant team, but I expect the passing game to be a little more wide open compared to last year. I think Agholor and Smith finally understand this offense, and will give Jones more explosive weapons, and if Parker can stay healthy, this offense will definitely be better than last year’s, which was #6 in scoring. I think the rookies, though explosive (Thornton and Strong), won’t have HUGE impacts on the team, unless there are injuries.

I’m excited about Jones this year. He had a very good rookie season, and he has the talent, drive and determination to follow it up with an excellent 2nd year. I really love his leadership as well, you can tell the guys love him.
Re strong/thornton - you can't teach speed. I know history doesn't support it, but I'm hoping BB finally drafted an early round WR who doesn't suck. Maybe I'm a glutton for punishment? Mac just got some elite NFL speed at the skill positions.

Does anyone else think Brady was jealous of Mac's draft day presents from BB this year? Outside of the Randy/Welker years (and the Chad Jackson debacle), he never got any toys from coach that had elite NFL raw talent.