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Mac Jones appreciation thread

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Dec 6th

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Gigantic step forward today.
For the first time this season he looked like he could be special. Made throws downfield that not a lot of QBs could make and this was against a good defense.

"Only" 199 yards but this was absolutely his best game of the season - and best game of the last 3 weeks by a mile.


Pro Bowl Player
That last line is what does it for me: "If he can't make the occasional risk pay off once in a while, he may have already hit his ceiling."

1) He's a rookie. The whole concept of a "ceiling" is nebulous to begin with, but how many can you actually tell reach it their first year? Shouldn't a guy get one additional year to see if the needle moves before we say it's not moving?

2) The way that line is worded is basically saying, "If he doesn't get better, this is how good he will be." Real insightful stuff there FO.
#2 is especially ridiculous when you consider he improves every week so far this season. Mac Jones isn’t just a good rookie QB, he is a good QB.


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Take that Tom! Mac is a model too and he doesn't have to push girly Uggs.

Is it just me or do those look like two different kids? Face shape and ears look the same though :confused:

I don't really see any resemblance between how he looks now and the pic on the left.


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The skills Mac has lead to a long NFL career. Accurate passing, reading the defense, making the right throw and moving in the pocket.

How the NFL and media has forgotten these are the most important things I don't know. We hear about Macs ceiling but never about Lawrence, Trey Lance, Zach Wilson or fields. Who really haven't shown mich of anything. Mac already is showing he belongs in the NFL.

It's like the NFL forgets the best QB in the NFL right now who won a Superbowl wasn't a mobile QB who ran around. Neither were Brees or Manning. But somehow the pocket quarterback is now underrated and low ceiling


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I’m going to post this like a million times to stan for myself, and therefore people may forget my many bad takes.

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