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Just a little something I noticed about Mac10 -- he doesn't take garbage time for granted.

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So I was watching the game today and I mentioned this in chat but I want to break this out because it's a great sign for his intangibles.

4th quarter, up 3 scores, Mac has a couple bad possessions in a row. He's up 3 scores in the dying minutes of the game and is just ripping the straps off his helmet going off the field, he is PISSED at himself because he didn't play the last possession the way he wanted to. No foot-off-the-pedal because it's literal garbage time. He gets upset with himself when he's not the best QB he can be at ALL times.

Just felt the need to point that out. We already know the kid has mammoth intangibles but if anyone needed more evidence, there's a good one. We've seen Brady do that more than once. It's the sign of a guy who isn't content to just do enough to win. Mac10 wants to dominate. And you love to see it.

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Here’s another thing Zack Cox noticed that I missed the first time.

Contrast with his predecessor.

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Definitely loved to see Mac get in there and push the pile. He didn't have to do tthat at all and he did it anyway because he knew it was the smartest thing he could do right then