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Sep 27th

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Not good. Three guys on IR. Only two can return. Who will it be?

This franchise is cursed during odd years. At least we know next season will be a SB year. Also, odd years mean the AFC title game is at 3 p.m. Patriots have lost the last three SB's after winning the early game (AFC championship). Last three times the AFC title game has been the late game (Even years), they've won the SB.
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So now only two of Develin, Harry and Wynn can come back.

Hope Jakob Johnson can perform well, we really need the other two.

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Could be an indication that it's the neck, and not just the back, then. Best of luck for a full recovery, without future ramifications for either football or life, Mr. Develin.


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This sux. Not only was he a great blocking FB but also unstoppable when given the ball for that tough yard. He's been money the last couple of years. The injuries are starting to pile up. Not good. We have depth though so as long as the OL doesn't get hit again or the WR's.


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They love him in the locker room.
Obvious concerns for a fullback with an injury listed as "neck." That's sometimes a euphemism for "concussion" or could be a disk. Neither is great. Best wishes to him. Seems like a real good guy.
OK, Yak, you're up. Here's your opportunity.
It might be possible to find another back-up classic fullback for practice squad - lesser demand there.
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