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Is Trey Lance worth Patriots to trade up to get?

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Without knowing for sure what trades could happen between now and then, Detroit at number 7 looks like the highest where a trade could happen. Lawrence and Wilson will go with the first two, Fields or Mac to SF at number 3, I suspect Atlanta opt for best player available in Pitts, Cincy reunites Chase with his college quarterback (pass on Sewell since they can still find a great tackle with their 2nd round pick), and Miami does the same with either of the Bama receivers (probably Waddle). Lance would be available in that scenario and I wouldn’t be against trading up for him.


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I’m all for moving up if the team believes they can land a young star QB. It’s the most important position so sometimes you need to gamble, it’s worth the risk if you think you’ve got a franchise QB.


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Lots of variables at play. Where to move to being the one. Atl auction for number 4 pick is going to be interesting. Not sure anyone out there is going to pay the premium miami just did for 3rd overall. Would have to be a draft day selection and would most likely need to be at 6 or 7. Next year's first is the cost. Anything more and it's a no for me.

Then there's the realisation he's potentially a 4th or 5th qb off the board. Which means any attempt to trade up has to happen on draft evening. Add to that. If there is any analytical model they would use that places value on what the 4th or 5th qb off the board would cost.
I'd have to say I don't see it happening. Unless either he fields or mac drop to about 11 or 12. Which is 50 50 at this stage

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From what I have read and seen trading up for Lance or Mac Jones is fine with me, even if it costs a lot of draft capital. It is time for BB & crew to do something different. The AFC east will become even more QB driven than in the past.. Buffalo, Jetes ( unless they completely screw it up) and Miami (if Tua is as good as they think he is). You gotta keep pace if you want to make it to the "tournament"...

It seems with the coming OTA's and TC the Pats may be better prepared than they were last year.. I really like Jones 77% completion rate and his 41/4 TD/int rate in the SEC. Lance, it seems, as though the jury is still out due to his limited playing experience, always been skeptical when all the draft prognosticators like any player ( with unknowns) this much.


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28 touchdowns, zero interceptions, 14 rushing touchdowns, 67% completion. Undefeated season. Big, strong, fast with strong, accurate arm. I don’t watch much college football, but I’m intrigued.

Check out this scouting report.


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Coach will not Reach for a rookie qb this year, mark my words. I.M.O. we are not Drafting the 7th qb in this years first round draft unless hell freezes over. We are going to pick up a free agent qb after the draft with a low cap hit. Bill is not spending 50 mill and draft picks for a F.A.! Bill will not reach! Once a Walmart shopper, always a Walmart shopper. Can't teach an old dog new tricks, end of story. My take.


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Trade up to # 7 using value charts:

Traditional value chart: Det: #7 - 1500 pts. NE: #15 - 1050 pts, #46 - 440 pts, 1490 pts total
Rich Hill Model: Det: #7 - 426 pts. NE #15 - 315 pts, #46 - 128 pts, 443 pts total

So by either model the Pats 1st and 2nd should do the trick. I'd be willing to sweeten the deal with a later round pick or future late round pick or a player, like one of our rookie TE from last season or Harry. Problem is would a team like Wash, or Chi be willing to offer up a future 1st that may trump the Pats.