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Irvin thinks Colts should sit luck to protect team's fragile ego

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Sep 12th

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Irvin: Colts should sit Andrew Luck against Patriots -

I realize it's best not to get too confident, but I just found this hilarious. More or less, Irvin doesn't even think the Colts should bother trying, rather, they should "roll" with Hasselbeck and the built-in excuse that comes with him starting, namely that the Patriots only beat down their backup QB. He has a point, this may be the only possible protection available for their fragile egos.

"When they beat this team down Sunday -- and they will beat this team down Sunday -- it was with Hasselbeck. So in the playoffs, I can always have in my pocket, 'We were not at full strength. The kids were not healthy. We were not at full strength, and now we have (Luck).'"


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It is the smartest move for the colts. Those bastards essentially have a 20 week preseason since they could win that division at 6-10.


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I like this just as much ... Irvin "When they beat this team down...And they will beat them down...And they will beat them down Sunday...When they beat them down Sunday..." he said that 4 times LOL


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I think the Colts are saving Hasselbeck for the playoffs. Remember one of their QBs HAS been to a super bowl.


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The game tomorrow is just a formality. Everyone on the planet, including the Colts, knows this.

They're better off sitting him.


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Built in excuse might be wise for Pagano to take. Then again, maybe Luck gives them a chance to win despite Hasslebeck playing better.


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The game tomorrow is just a formality. Everyone on the planet, including the Colts, knows this.

They're better off sitting him.

I don't usually check opposing team forums, but I checked out Colts Freaks and about 75% of them hold out no hope.

I don't know what to think of it...feels like the Jets @ Foxboro in 2007. Fortunately, there's no rain in the cards for tomorrow night. God, I'm not really a religious guy, but if you let the Patriots win by 70 points, I will go to shul the first chance I can...promise.


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There is some sense in what Irvin said.
Luck is Indy's franchise QB and their team will be built around him for the next 5 to 10 years. That is almost a certainty.
This year his and Indy's expectations were the highest of his still young career. Those expectations have been very conspicuously erased due to subpar play all around and specifically Luck's lousy numbers/play. Indy as a team can barely beat the worst of the worst opponents. So for Luck to look real bad again, take a beating in the game, halt their very fragile winning streak, then take a verbal beating from fans/some media after the game is not good for the guy you are supposed to ne building the team around for the next 5 to 10 years.
Add to that this will be consecutive walloping number four for Luck against the Patriots, it will be the loss of losses given the defamegate and hype, it will be a noticeable contrast to Hasselbeck playing semi decently the week before (probably their best looking team performance), it is likely to put fans deeply in the wrong mood about Luck, and this game is the kickoff to the toughest part of Indy's schedule (5 games in a row: Pats, Saints, Carolina, Denver, Atlanta). Ultimately the conditions are right for Luck to go into the kind of 'very deep in the dog house' that franchise QB's aren't supposed to be in for a year that was supposed to be on a high. Indy could conceivably be 3-7 just before Thanksgiving with fans abandoning Luck and the team in droves.

If Indy's likelihood of victory is small and the same with Hasselbeck or Luck, I see good sense for sitting Luck if his injury is still at all sore (if he is 100% he has to play or other players would lose faith in him). Let him come back against an eminently more beatable Saints team, their easiest game in this tough 5 game schedule, maybe get the win and be in position to need just 1 win in the next three to be 2-2 under Luck during this tough stretch.

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The Patriots have provided the "blueprint" for how to neutralize the bearded wonder kitty kat lover. Oft imitated, seldom duplicated.. except in this case.

I keep hearing what a great QB Luck will be, but I am more and more skeptical as time goes on..

Andrew Luck's horrible 2015, in 10 simple stats

1. Andrew Luck has the worst quarterback rating in the NFL, almost five points below Ryan Mallett. If you double Luck’s 65.0 rating, he’d still be 5.4 rating points behind Aaron Rodgers.

4. If you combined the interception totals of Tom Brady, Eli Manning, Andy Dalton, Nick Foles, Drew Brees and Ben Roethlisberger, Luck would still have more.

7. Including the playoffs, Luck has had five straight games with multiple interceptions.
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