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I feel like I watched a different game than most of you

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Sep 12th

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The offense left at least 10 points on the field. Missing those opportunities cannot happen against better opponents. Personally, I think the team will improve and many of the mistakes that stopped them from scoring last Sunday will be corrected. I also expect the execution will get better and it will have to against better teams.
You can’t expect zero mistakes.


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I am a lurker but wanted to post on this.

Firstly with all the departures and with a new quarterback the expectations were really low.

I anticipated them to win but thought it will be a close contest. But mostly we were in the drivers seat and would have had more
points in the board if not for folk and harry miscues. That was a pleasant surprise.

Our linebacking corps were mostly rookies or new faces . So they actually covered up well .

Dolphins are decently coached with a spate of new signings . Considering that we did pretty well.

I actually liked what I saw of harry . He might not draw double coverage but will manage one on one .

The run game was phenomenal especially taylor. How could you miss that.

Lastly newton was in pretty good health and extremely accurate . We never had the kind of options with RPO with Brady that we have with newton . It showed shades of ravens team . Think of how we could be in December once newton and all the rookies get practice.

I think as a fan I am really excited about the promise . With Brady, this team couldn't be elevated. But with newton, i think we can elevate average playmakers into solid contributors because newton can also run .

We were looking at a 9-7 and possible wildcard spot, but now with some improvised plays and some genius masterstrokes in Mid season FA acquisition and luck on health side , we can be a decent contender... I think that's what has got most fans excited...


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I realize the Pats wife receivers are lackluster after Edelman, but my impression of Cam is that he has never been able to really develop a strong passing game to WRs and usually is more involved with RBs and TEs. Is that accurate?

Kelvin Benjamin had (2) 1000 yard seasons in his 1st 3 seasons, might have been 3 had he not missed the year.
Devin Fuchess had a 900 yard 8 TD WR in 2017.
DJ Moore had 800 yards as a rookie in 2018
Ted Ginn had his best season with him and that was like Ginn's 10th year in the league, double digit TD that year.
a 32 year old Steve Smith had a 1400 yard season Cam's rookie year.

I think a positive about Cam is he has seemed to make due with his WRs. It's why i'm interested in how the offense goes when they have a game plan to throw the ball, last week they just passed to keep the defense honest

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this is just TYPICAL idiotic raging Pats hate...the same pig dressed up in different clothes..."I wasn't impressed with that super bowl win against needed an interception to seal the game" It's the same moronic, thinly veiled blind hate reserved for the truly mind numbingly obtuse "fans" of other teams in the league. This clown is a total joke. A green COWPIE.

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Harry dropped a TD. If he did not reach the endzone on that play, I have all the confidence that the Pats would score 6 the way that NE ran the ball.

The gameplan was to run and the Pats passed that test to the tune of 5 + yards a carry. These first few games some people are ready to crown that team and to start digging the grave for another team.
Even more encouraging: minus Edelman's & Cam's runs, the RBs alone still averaged 4.5 ypc...


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The Detroit Lions had the worst pass defense last year, not Miami. Miami was bottom-10 but certainly not the worst.

Cam threw 19 times, which the OP conveniently omitted. That was only the 4th time this century the Patriots have thrown less than 20 passes in a game.

No question if they wanted to attack the Dolphins through the air they would have done so and successfully. Instead they went after them on the ground and nobody can argue with 217 yards rushing. The fact he "only" threw for 155 yards don't mean jack to anyone except a troll- or a Bills fan like OP. OP's concern is perfectly understandable as this was supposed to be the Bills year to finally break through in the AFCE. Pats aren't going away easily.

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The game made me think of aluminum seats and that Gary Glitter song.
My first visit to Schaefer Stadium: sitting on a tin bench in the nose bleed section, next to a drunk special needs dude who mooed like a cow for 4 quarters

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Should have been a 31-6 win....we missed a figgie and had Harry lose a ball out of the end zone for a touchback...
And the Pats would have had 28 if Harry hadn't fumbled out of the end zone...
Are you blaming Cam for the missed 10 points? FG before half and fumble at one? Should have been 31.
Now you can rip Folk and Harry. Cam wasn't the issue.
Are we forgetting the obvious fact here that without a Harry goaline fumble out the end zone and a missed FG, we would’ve scored 31 points?
Even better: We might've scored 37 were it not for the Edelman drop during the very first drive (would've been already in FG range ass-uming Fulk makes it); Fulk's terrible miss at the end of the half; Cam taking a sack early in the 4th quarter to knock them out of FG range (ass-uming again that Fulk makes it) which was really Cam's only poor play for the ENTIRE game (and even that one I partially blame McD for getting greedy there); and of course Kneal Harry's fumble...Can't leave that many points on the field vs Seattle of course...But really the final score isn't as indicative of the overall superior play by the Pats as it sometimes is during other games...
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