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How Many Wins?

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mgteich Veteran Supporter

1) Cam and a 1st round draftee (with draftee playing when ready)

2) Jimmy and a 1st round draftee (with draftee playing when really ready)
BTW, yes, Belichick might "insult" Cam by cutting him before the season starts and paying him only $3.5M for his services unit then.

Yes, we could have a 3rd QB. Is that relevant?



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8-9 Cam Newton
11-6 Anyone Else


yukon cornelius

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team is not finished, so it's hard to say......the improvements so far, along with the bodies back and anticipated improvement/health out of returning players - this is a +/- 10 win team, with more to come


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8-9 Cam Newton
11-6 Anyone Else

Something along these lines. They will be lucky to go 9-8 with Cam under center (I would expect sub .500). Literally any other QB 11+ wins and playoffs.

NormZauchin Supporter Supporter
9-7 or 8-8 with Cam for a complete season - if he can avoid getting Covid a second time.
11-5 or 10-6 with Jimmy for a complete season - if he can stay on the field.
11-5 or 10-6 with one of the top five college quarterbacks in the draft and Cam maybe starting a few games at the start of the season.


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I can see 10 wins, maybe 11. Offense is much improved, including the O-Line, TEs and WRs. The running game is excellent.

Our defense is improved with the returns of Hightower & Van Noy, the addition of Judon, the addition of some big DTs to help defend the run, and the secondary is good.

So I can see 10 or 11 wins.


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At this point predicting win totals is fun but let's face it. We made some good moves in free agency but were just pulling the season record out of our asz.

Calhoun44 Supporter Supporter
It's way too early to have this topic. This just seems like an excuse to have another thread where people bash our current QB.


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If last years roster won 7 wiith cam this years would win 10 probably, could be more considering the 2- 3 games affected directly by covid.

With jg or any decent qb 12+ wins.

Run game is gonna be strong, pass d is gonna be strong if gilly is back, st’s is gonna be strong, run d I think will be strong with the additions. Pass offense just needs to average to compete, but may need to become above average to go really deep.
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Weren't the Pats like 2 touchdowns worth of points away from the playoffs last year? I think the additions are worth more than that. I say 11 wins.