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The "Do Your Job" bit on NFLN is 1 part amazing, 1 part enraging. Idea that NFL tried so hard to soil that effort should NEVER be forgotten

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Amazing how much extra shit you see the more you watch Do Your Job

Help From Bostonians - First Trip for MNF

Discussion in 'Patriots Fan Tailgate Meet Ups' started by Number 2, Nov 29, 2010.

  1. Number 2

    Number 2 Practice Squad Player

    Hello everyone, I am PUMPED to say I will be making my first trip to see our beloved NEP play at home next Monday.:rocker:

    I will be traveling from Ft. Collins (one hour north of Denver) and have never been out east.

    I am inquiring about help with some game day planning and timelines.

    I booked a room at the Courtyard on Tremont St in Boston and am having trouble finding out the proper subway routes to get to Gillette on game day.
    I know the train makes a special trip on game day but I want to be there and watch warm ups.

    Does anyone know the best way to get to the stadium?
    What time should I be there to watch the players warm up?
    How long should I give myself to check out the area?

    My next concern is weather. I have nerve damage in my right leg and right forearm as well as 3 torn discs in my lower back. As you can imagine the cold weather reeks havoc on my body - which by the way is only 30 :mad:. I bought Under Armour Cold Gear compression pants and shirt to wear under many layers of clothes.
    I was thinking Under Armour, Jeans, Snow Pants as well as wool socks. Then under shirt, Under Armour, Long John shirt, sweat shirt, jacket and jersey over jacket.

    What are some game day "outfits" that you all have put together to survive?


    I also read that the stadium doesn't allow any type of bag in the facility. Has any one had any problems with that? I was thinking about bringing a blanket to wrap up in if need be for me or my wife.

    I also found out that the Hall is closing early on Monday. Do you think I should go early and rush through it on Monday or wait and go on Tuesday.


    Thanks for any and all advice/opinions I am really excited to make the trip!!!
  2. Patsfanin Philly

    Patsfanin Philly Supporter Supporter

    MBTA > Riding the T > Patriots

    Train leaves South station at 6:35 PM…..
  3. FCB02062

    FCB02062 In the Starting Line-Up

    A few things - you can't take the subway to the game; the closest you'll to get to Foxboro via the "T" (as we call the subway) is Needham (green Line), Braintree (red line) and Forest Hills/Jamaica Plain (part of Boston - orange line)...
    I guess you could take the 34E Bus from Forest Hills to Walpole (about an hour) ride, but then you're rolling the dice with a cab ride to the outskirts of the stadium...
    Your best bet is going to be the Pats train, but taking that really does sap you of any real pre and post game revelry...
    You also might be able to take the Stoughton Commuter rail to Mansfield or the Franklin line to either Walpole or Norfolk, but in both cases your still 10-15 minutes from the game by car/cab...

    Good luck, and enjoy the game...
  4. Tunescribe

    Tunescribe Supporter Supporter

    If you still can: find a hotel closer to Foxboro and either rent a car or take a taxi. The train to Gillette on game day can be UNRELIABLE. Take it from a season ticket holder who has experimented with it several times. I even missed the kickoff once because of it. When it does run on time, it still won't get you there early enough to see warmups and relax much before the game starts. And the trip back afterward takes forever. I suggest you lodge closer to Foxboro and spend the day at Patriots Place, where you can visit the Hall, pro shop, lots of nice restaurants and shops, and take in the festive atmosphere before going to the game WHEN YOU WANT without being held hostage by the antiquated train trip. I can't emphasize this enough. Your plan for dressing warm sounds good. Bags are allowed but they must be searched before you enter. Good luck!
  5. DarrylStingley

    DarrylStingley Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    Is there any issue with these trains over-crowding (and as a result, not letting some passengers on) or being late? Are they reliable?
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2010
  6. DarrylStingley

    DarrylStingley Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I missed this post regarding the train. Thanks.
  7. DarrylStingley

    DarrylStingley Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I'm going to be in Boston on Monday before the game. Having read that about the train, I'm not entirely psyched about taking it.

    Is there another way to get to the game from Boston without a car? I'm guessing not....
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2010
  8. The Brandon Five

    The Brandon Five Supporter Supporter


    From PFinPhi's link above:

    That last part is tricky. If it is a close game (like last week), then getting out of the stadium takes awhile.
  9. The Brandon Five

    The Brandon Five Supporter Supporter

    How many people in your group? How much are you willing to spend per person?
  10. Patjew

    Patjew Supporter Supporter

    I would agree about avoiding the train. I missed the kickoff of the 2007 AFCCG because of it. Rent a car, it's just as hellacious and speedier.
  11. blackglass3

    blackglass3 Supporter Supporter

    I have to go with everyone else...avoid the train. I looked into it last year, and it just seems like it's poorly planned. Just rent a car, then you can get there and leave whenever you want, and you're not tied to some schedule that might or might not screw you over.

    As far as clothes go, it depends on your tolerance. Last year for the Titans snow game I was very comfortable in thermal pants and snowboarding pants; Under Armor, thermal long sleeves, hoodie and jersey. The only thing was I had forgotten my hat in the car, so had to buy one (my hoodie hood was soaked through from the walk to the stadium).

    Have fun!
  12. DarrylStingley

    DarrylStingley Third String But Playing on Special Teams

    I'm meeting someone coming from Providence at the seats.

    I'm willing to spend to get there....What are you thinking? Perhaps PM me...
  13. Brady_2_Moss

    Brady_2_Moss Practice Squad Player

    I too went to my first game this year (I live in LA)

    I found the train an easy solution for getting to the game. I just took the T to the South Station and bought my train ticket there. Hopped on and was at the game for kick off. When you get on the T, just look for people in jerseys and ask them if they are going to the game - follow them as you may have to make a transfer from 1 line to another. The train will dump you off right at the parking lot.

    My only complaint about the train was the ride back, it took twice the amount of time for some reason. Everyone I spoke to said that didn't usually happen though.
  14. Number 2

    Number 2 Practice Squad Player

    Man I was on my honeymoon in Mexico during that game! I got married last year on Oct 10, went to the Pats game in Denver 10/11 as part of our honeymoon :D

    I am glad to hear my plan is good for clothing. I live in Colorado so I like to think I have a high tolerance for cold weather, my health aliments really put a damper on that.

    I am planning on going way early to watch the players warm up - what time should I go?

    I will ride the train and walk the remaining distance to get to the stadium early and probably ride the game train back into Boston.

    Six days and counting until I reach the sacred ground of Foxborough.

    Thanks everyone for you help / input!
  15. PatsWickedPissah

    PatsWickedPissah Supporter Supporter

    You can't ride A train and walk to Gilette. Too far. Game train is the only one that stops nearby and it arrives LATE and departs soon after the game, exit promptly.
    Last edited: Nov 29, 2010
  16. 102 Pat

    102 Pat In the Starting Line-Up

    I'll also add that strategically placed hand warmers can help a lot as well.
  17. MossWelkowski

    MossWelkowski Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    How about this???

    -Drive down so you get there around 5 and then get hammered until the game starts at 830. Then scream until you can't talk anymore, and then call in sick for work on tuesday. Cause that's what I'm doing.

    Why would you want to risk getting there late for the biggest game since 2007.
  18. Urgent

    Urgent Supporter Supporter

    I've always driven, never taken the train, so cannot comment.
    But if it leaves at 6:35, you are not getting there for warm-ups.

    If you rent a car, parking advice:
    Do not park in the Gillette parking lot. It takes up to two hours to get out of. While cars tend to arrive to fill it over three hours before the game, all cars are trying to exit together through a few exits - while pedestrians are crossing the street blocking traffic.
    If you are coming from Boston, park on the right side of Route 1 coming in (going South). They reverse the traffic after the game, allowing you to zip down the wrong way. Traffic on the right way out (North) is much more congested.
    There will be a lot of traffic going to the game, plus Boston commuting traffic. If you want to get there for warm-ups, leave your hotel/business by 5pm or so. You are going to sit in traffic, park, walk 10-15 minutes to the stadium, wait in line, get something to eat, get to your seat. Assume two hours of commuting to be safe, then 45 minutes from car to seat.

    For warmth:
    As someone else mentioned, for a cold night game with a sore body, four hand warmers make all the difference, better than extra layers. Keep one in each glove, and drop a couple around those sore disks and joints. Best if you tape one to the UnderArmour, so it's not right on your skin and stays put.

    There is decent food in the stadium. It's not just cold pizza - you can get a good pulled pork sandwich and stuff like that. If you are leaving at 5pm, and staying at the stadium until midnight, you can save some time by eating there while you watch warm-ups. Many folks will be barbecuing at the stadium starting at 5pm - assume you are not traveling with a grill.

    Have a blast! Be loud!
  19. PatsDeb

    PatsDeb Supporter Supporter

    It is great that you are coming for the Monday night game! Have a great time and a great trip! The below is not be be a downer, but to give you some much needed information:

    First, downtown Boston isn't close to Foxboro and there is no subway that will take you to the game. There is only one commuter train that leaves South Station a few hours before game time and returns right after the game. It does make a few stops in outlying areas with parking lots, but it sounds like you are traveling without a car (?).

    You'll need to take the Red Line (the subway, or the "T" as we call it in Boston) to South Station (probably have to take the Green line from your hotel on Tremont to Downtown Crossing then switch to the Red Line outbound towards Braintree and get off at South Station - ask at your hotel) to make the 6:35 train to Foxboro. The T will be crowded because of rush hour, so build in plenty of time to get to South Station. There is only one train to the game. You need to be on it when it leaves South Station, and then you need to get on it leaving the game (it leaves 30 minutes after the game ends). You probably won't make it to warm-ups on the train as it tends to arrive just before game time (or sometimes, unfortunately, after kickoff).

    One thing I want to caution you about with your health problems is getting off the train. There is no actual station in Foxboro; the train just kind of parks in the middle of nowhere, relatively close to the stadium. You literally have to "jump" off the train onto the uneven ground, with lots of people behind you clamoring to get off, and lots of people hurrying by where you are jumping to get to the game. When I rode it, it was at least a 3-4 foot jump onto the ground, so be careful.

    Your outfit sounds good - maybe too good. Where you are from Colorado you are probably used to cold weather, so wear what you'd wear there for a couple of hours outdoors in the cold. I actually get hot during games when I bundle up (from too much standing and screaming), but the extra layers are good for the walk back to the car (or train). The one thing that consistently gets cold on me during winter games is my feet, and that seems to apply to a lot of people, so bundle up your feet (ski socks and Toasty Toes footwarmers work).

    You may want to consider driving if you want to get there early and watch warm-ups. However, I caution you that the traffic from downtown Boston to Foxboro on a Monday night during rush hour will be horrendous. If you go this route, leave real early, like by 3:00 p.m. I bet the Hall will be open for the Monday night game (?). You might want to call and see, as you won't be able to get there by public transportation on Tuesday, and if you take the train on Monday night, there is no way you will be able to squeeze in visiting it without either missing the game, or missing the train back to Boston.

    Good luck and let us know how your trip turns out!
  20. Dufflebagz

    Dufflebagz 2nd Team Getting Their First Start

    Don't forget this like always do. I always say I'm gonna put hand warmers in my shoes but never remember to and I suffer for it every time.

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