Gronkowski Bulking back up?

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Oct 25th

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JarOfMayo51 Supporter Supporter
Looks a bit thinner, he doesn't need those extra pounds of muscle for civilian life. He could bulk back up probably within a month if he wanted to. Hes financially stable tho, i dont see him coming back.. he probably likes being able to have the use of all his bones/ligaments/etc and not be in constant pain


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We hate on TMZ but they probably have the same level of credibility as Barstool and PFF (low).
TMZ has become a very credible news source. For example, not only did they break the Kobe news, but they weren't the ones who reported all 4 of his children were in the helicopter (ABC) or that Rick Fox was in the helicopter (ESPN).

robertweathers Supporter Supporter
Not quite.

Gronk 2020

Gronk Prime

What is this, Tiger Beat?


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Nah he'll go back to throw dead fish at people on NYE.

Quite the accelerated career path he is on, huh?

Yeah, what a loser that incredibly wealthy 30 something who is probably smashing more 18 year olds in a week than I will in a lifetime is.


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As a side note, my s-i-l was visiting and put on a show called "The Masked Singer" and damn if one of them wasn't Gronk. I'm pretty sure it was.