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Game manager instead of Franchise QB till we find our Mahomes

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Dec 3rd


Experienced Starter w/First Big Contract
We're not going to get another Brady, probably no one will. You need a competent QB and a good team to surround him and hope he plays well in the playoffs to win a super bowl. If we win one more in the next 5-10 years we're doing well, I just want to be in the playoffs and take our chances to start.

crawhammer Supporter Supporter
I am okay with Mac..I don't see difference between Mac, Dalton, cousin, tannehill, Watson, Dak and carr
Watson doesn't belong in that group. He had MVP numbers in his last full season on a garbage team. His ceiling is much higher than any of those other quarterbacks.

Cousins and Dak are semi-prolific passers but losers in the biggest moments.

The Dalton, Tannehill and Carr comps may work eventually but Mac still has to prove he's even at their level. Carr anyway I would take over Mac for next season. No thanks on Dalton or Tannehill.


Only Likes Players That Bill Likes To Coach Supporter
Where would you rank Watson? This past season is a throw away imo. Can't wait to see how he does w/ a full offseason. The talent is definitely there.

No idea at this point but probably top 8.

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