Does Anyone Give A SH!T About This Season?

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Sep 20th

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This sport is pretty much dead to most people. Nobody cares because a majority of the teams are out of it 1 month into a very long season. Chances of making up 10 games after the break is astronomicaly low. Probably happens once every 10-20 years. Big market teams still have a competitive advantage, especially the ones that are ok with paying max luxury tax. Its just plain stupid and thats me speaking as a fan of large market. The sport defintely needs a reset. I love what most unions stand for but MLB’s kind of make me sick sometimes.

We got the championships which were just great starting in 04 but now that they’ve won 4, and the grind of a 162 game season just doesn’t seem to be worth the effort. Especially if your team sucks.

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Thread is almost 2 months old ... I still don't give a sh!t and neither do the Sox.
Chaim Bloom will make a good team ... at some point.
so far bloom is trash, in the recent past the gms who have taken over have at least given red sux fans something to watch. those past teams were competitive unlike this team