Does anyone else wanna strangle Jim Nantz?

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At least Sanders made an interception with 30 seconds left. Jets are lucky, we are weak.

It would not surprise me if we lost to Detroit Thursday.

BigMike Supporter Supporter
Nancy is a good guy - you cant blame him for what happens on the field. I like the fact we seem to draw CBS #1 Announcing team on many weeks. It speaks to the ratings pull of the Patriots as well as Krafts relationship with the network. Better Nance and Simms than those turds who did the Cleveland game. Imagine this town having to sit through CBS's D team.....


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Nantz isn't awful but he sometimes shows he has a little Bob Costas in him and that can get annoying really fast. Simms is great, though he sounded like Tim McCarver while battling his laryngitis.


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So did everyone around me at the stadium, it was a point worth noting.

Damn right it was. I thought we were cooked and that was a perfectly rational thought at the time. Fact of the matter is Manning is DAMN GOOD.

I am not a fan but I respect his ability and consider myself pretty fortunate to be able to witness this rivalry the last 10 years.


Third String But Playing on Special Teams
I don't know how you guys notice this stuff, I'm in a trance during the games. I only realize things they say when my buddies have to repeat it to me, because I tune them out so hardcore.

Patjew Supporter Supporter
I like Nantz and Simms. They may be my favorite announcing team out there right now.


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Well Nantz was right and this team almost blew it again.Gotta stop sitting on big leagues when u have a defense that allows teams back in games.


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When we went up 31-14 and he mentioned we were in the exact same position last year I wanted to reach through the TV and strangle him.

Between him jinxing us constantly throughout the game to Simms's Cold (Which sucks cuz he's the only one I like on that crew) the commentating blew today. Not to mention the microphone distortion from all the ubiquitous Manning knob slobbing.

Anyway, I'm happy we won, but God I'm sick of that guy.

We didn't almost blow the lead because Jim Nantz mentioned what happened last year. We almost blew it because we stayed back on our heels on defense and allowed Manning to pick us apart. We DIDN'T blow it because of a great play by Jermaine Cunningham.

Either way, though, Nantz was spot on. We were in the same exact position as last year... with almost the same exact outcome.
Even though they're out of sync, see different tacklers and yardlines than I do, and are getting a little more confused with time, I still prefer Gil and Geno to the network boys.

reflexblue Supporter Supporter
I'd rather have Dick Enberg, but i don't mind Nantz. Who i can't stand is Dan Dierdorf

pheenix11 Supporter Supporter
Actually I had the same thought before Nantz said it and then watched it almost come true. I couldn't believe the same crap was repeating itself. If 4th & 2 came up on offense I was officially ready to jump out a window.

It would have been cool if that situation did come up and BB went for it again and this time they got it. Just to STFU all the critics.


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I didn't mind his mentioning the parallel to last year's game so much... until it seemed that he was downright pulling for the Colts to pull it off. There's a difference between calling the game to make it seem exciting and rooting for one side, and I'd say Nantz crossed it, IMHO.
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