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Divisional round GDT: Browns @ Chiefs

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I would love to see the Browns win. They have the horses on offense. but do they on defense?

A browns/Bills AFCCG? could you imagine a year ago?
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All of a sudden that third place schedule we have in 2021 looks a little tougher with the Browns making a playoff run and the Steelers and Ravens not exactly looking like powerhouses.

luuked Supporter Supporter
Wish they had put this stinker of a playoff game to the early Saturday slot instead of wasting a Sunday on it. The Browns will get destroyed.


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Getting Ward and Johnson back will help but I don’t see how they pressure Mahomes enough without blitzing to win this game. Garrett can be doubled and nobody else up front is capable of beating their man off the block consistently enough. The Browns have been a good story this year, but they’re still not there yet.


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Nugget: KC has the worst red zone defense in the NFL. Now, let’s see if CLE can get there..

Yep. I've been saying for a while that KC isn't the shoe in people think for this one. Maybe they suddenly turn it on in the playoffs and become the dominate team everyone sees them as. What is more likely IMO is they stay the team they've been all year. One of the best teams, but with a number of holes and living on a knifes edge more than not, even against bad teams.

You have to give them credit to being able to pull out wins when it counts, but part of that was also facing the right teams at the right times. They could have easily gone from 14-1 to 12-3 (in games that mattered) if they played different teams on different days. Luckily they seemed to play bad teams on their off day and good teams when they were on their game, as well as catching good teams at not their best. For my money the best team overall to think point has been the Packers. The Bucs have massive upside right now and look poised to peak. They have their offense finally figured out I think, now it's just if the D can get on track. As for the Bills, i'm starting to get the suspicion their best games this year are behind them. Not that they are bad or anything. They deserve to be one of the final 2 AFC teams, but the last 3 games of the regular season they felt like they hit another level, and now I think they've fallen back down the earth.

KC is an interesting team in this regard, as I don't think we have seen they best they can play yet. But it may just be this is what their team is right now. They have been very consistent in their ups and downs.


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I'll give the Browns a puncher's chance if they run the ball and play keep away...

Still think it's a long shot, but on any given Sunday.

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Only way the Browns pull this off is to force turnovers early and often with the run game running top speed. It can be done, the Chiefs have definitely had their fair share of close calls this season, but it won’t be easy, Mahomes is a gamer. Hope Chubb and Hunt go for 300 on the ground.

fightingirish595 Supporter Supporter
the chiefs fell into the trap of resting their best players in the final week by making them inactive. This usually doesn’t bode well


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This could be like last years Texans Chiefs game. Early success for the Browns... then, not so much.


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Everyone is excited out here in NE Ohio. Browns haven't been in the playoffs since 2002 when Butch Davis was HC. I just want a competitive game. Interesting fact, the last time the Browns won a playoff game was 1994. Bellichik was our head coach and the team he beat was the Patriots coached by Bill Parcells.


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I guess this is Hunt’s first game against his old team. If he goes off the lols at Chiefs Planet should be plenty.

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Just hoping for a competitive game. Make those Chefs fans sweat a little. Beat up this Chefs team for the Bills next week.


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I think the Browns have a shot but they need almost everything to go right. Although the national media is playing it up as of the biggest playoff upsets ever I don't even think it's top 20 should it happen.

07 and 10 and 11 Patriots losing to the NY teams, 01 Rams losing to the Pats, 96 Broncos losing to the Jags, 87 49ers losing to the Vikings, NO losing to the sub .500 Seahawks in the Beastquake game, the Colts losing to the Steelers and Chargers two different times, Pats upset the Chargers, 79 Rams beating the Cowboys.........

All that said I expect the Chiefs to win. Teams like the Browns never seem to play well two weeks in a row and they played out of their minds against the Steelers and there will be a letdown of some sort.