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Deflating deflategate --[Mod Edit] AEI Opinion Piece in NY Times

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This is what we've been saying all along, NY Times finally gets it right. WHY did it take this long??

Our study, written with our colleague Joseph Sullivan, examines the evidence and methodology of the Wells report and concludes that it is deeply flawed. (We have no financial stake in the outcome of Deflategate.)

Our recommendation? When the N.F.L. hears Mr. Brady’s appeal of his suspension later this month, it should proceed with the knowledge that the Wells report is unreliable.

BelichickFan Supporter Supporter

When correct tests are performed, the evidence points to a conclusion that is inconsistent with the Wells findings. Our evidence suggests a specific sequence of events. The Wells report conclusions are likely incorrect, and a simple misunderstanding appears to have led the NFL to these incorrect conclusions . . . The fact that the average pressure of the Colts balls was significantly above the prediction of the Ideal Gas Law, while that of the Patriots balls was not, is inconsistent with the findings of the Wells report. Our conclusion that the warming of the balls during halftime is the key factor overlooked in the Wells report is supported by the observation that the readings of the intercepted Patriots football, measured separately from the other Patriots balls, came in almost precisely at the prediction of the law. Under the hypothesis asserted by the Well report, the odds of this Patriots ball matching the Ideal Gas Law prediction were between 1 out of 3 and 1 out of 300. It is therefore unlikely that the Patriots deflated the footballs.


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I hope brady gets that 5th ring. Then the haters can talk about gates forever but true football fans will know he is the greatest of all time. As for the New York times the media always does this. They tear people/organizations down and then once that story has been overplayed it's time for the redemption storyline.

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More reason why the NFL doesn't want this to go to court because a judge is going overturn Goodell's appeal decision and award it to an independent arbitrator who will find that there is no evidence of cheating. Of course Goodell won't care because he is teflon. Not from the press and fans, but the owners which is the only thing that matters.

This report is further evidence that Kraft is spineless and should have at least appealed the decision.

Mack Herron

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The more the truth comes out the greater the arrogance required to stand by your lie. Does anyone here believe for a moment that the NFL is capable of admitting they made a mistake?
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The more the truth comes out the greater the arrogance required to stand by your lie. Does anyone here believe for s moment that the NFL is capable of admitting they made a mistake?

Not after the entire national media went after the pats. If this was just a normal sports story then they might admit a mistake but all the major news networks talked about it for weeks. Even Al Aljazeera had it on their front page. And the president talked about it. No way will the NFL ever admit a mistake about this. If a court rules in Brady's favor Goodell will say he disagrees but will follow the decision and then he will go after the pats until brady and Bill retire.


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The good thing about this is that the NYT is certainly read in Goodell's circles - or at least those that he aspires to. This may break through his NYFL bubble. Maybe he'll feel a little tiny bit of social pressure to not look any more the fool than he already does.

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Just a note. It isn't the NY Times. It was the American Enterprise Institute who did this study. The piece in the NY Times is an Op Ed piece from one of the authors of the report from the American Enterprise Institute (actually two authors, Kevin Hassett and Stan Veuger, are given credit for the Op Ed piece although it Veuger who actually wrote it).
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Goodell needs to make his dick bigger and harder ... so don't bet on it.


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I am looking forward to the day that people everywhere realize that this was never about the facts. The NFL doesn't care about the facts, other teams don't care about the facts and neither do their fans. Facts don't matter in this case so we should all stop posting articles citing facts. We will never change public opinion on this and the Patriots will never receive those draft picks back, nor the $1,000,000.
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