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Defensive front alignment

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I'm sure this has been discussed but I don't see a specific thread on it but I'm very curious about the front alignment.

I've seen a few games now where there are 2 down lineman with Shelton often over the center and a DE (Guy) lined up over the strong side tackle (where the TE is) and Simon in a 2 point stance over the other tackle. It really has the look of a 3-4 and was used multiple times against a 2 WR and 3 WR look.
But you would think this would be a very light front for a typical 3-4.

I would love to hear some technical breakdowns and analysis of this.


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I’ll give this a bump.

I really like these unique formations. It’s almost as if our depth through the entire front 7 has increased thanks to the switch.

More players fit at various positions now. Strengths are being utilized and I love it.


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So far so good. Everyone seems to have a role and a niche and is being put in the best position to utilize their talents. Hopefully Winowich and Cowart continue to develop.
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