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Curran: Patriots will be "extremely and uncharacteristically" aggressive in Free Agency

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Ring 6 Supporter Supporter
If I had to guess, I think the game that most pissed off BB last year was getting pushed around by SF. he wants to build a power team...they looked very Pop Warner in that game.

He needed some beef and talent.
Actually I think that was an F-Ed up game they just didn’t show up for and it was an outlier.
I think losing to Denver and Houston pissed him off, the WAY they lost to KC infuriated him, and losing twice to Buffalo was a reality check.

of course then he brings back Brucie to play qb so who knows.

Gumby Supporter Supporter
Oh I expected him to spend most of the money. Just not on the first day. :eek:

but with that much cap room: it does make sense to close as many gaps as you can w high quality BEFORE the draft (and while most other teams cap strapped) IF YOU WANT to focus in the draft on only 1 or 2 POSITION and plan to move up or down to get YOUR GUY and not just the Best Available.

could this be indicator bb is after someone?

IllegalContact Supporter Supporter
so Curran basically admits that he has no inside info on the pats and everything he thinks of just as much of a guess as anyone here.....none of these guys were mentioned by anyone in New England before today


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2020 Weekly NFL Picks Winner
This to me signals that the Patriots are all-in on Cam Newton as QB1. This does not rule out a QB in the draft, but I think the coaching staff has a significant amount of faith in Cam.

farn Supporter Supporter
Chuckled a tad back when this came out. BB rarely a big spender. Was wrong.