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The critics have blasted them all season, but Sunday night the Patriots defense proved that they really are better than people think.

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@WilliamStatires @MikeReiss Double checked that. It is 10 of 11. And looks like Mike concurs at end of this post...

@BrianFleming430 @SInow Looks like an old-school Metro cutout there on Ryan and Brady.

Yup. Of course. Just not coaches like most of the others.

America should be rooting for the Patriots. Seriously. via @barstoolsports

@NOLA_FACE Done. And should be posting soon. Great find.

@kfpeters Just want them to be on same stage again so we can get a new bunch of pics of them together & stop using…

@mrags2000 @kfpeters Bank on it. If he wins MVP, he's going to that presser the next morning.

One game left in 2016, but for 30 teams, 2017 is underway in Mobile. Could say this guy was one…

@chick2694 I respect your interest but if you'd just read the story, your concerns would be addressed

Holy Cross women's lax opens the season the day before the #SuperBowl

Tim Hasselbeck pays off bet by singing on SportsCenter (this is bad, as in good):

@kfpeters The one to watch for? The MVP presser the next day, if TB wins. That will be peak awkward.

@kfpeters I was wondering about this. I know in year's past it's been more to Kraft & Belichick & not so much the QB.

@BottomLineWMCX Hi Bottom Line. This won't have any impact on final score. To me, just a fun fact to pass along. Nothing more, nothing less.

RT @jcmccaffrey: Devers' big league invite indicates he's close to the majors, like Benintendi and Moncada last spring training https://t.c…

@DozierDozierDoz Yes, Mike, will be a third-rounder.

Not the first time and won't be the last

@RyanHannable never had a skinny nerd/golfer kick my ass yet. Ain't about to happen now

RT @SherrodbCSN: Jae Crowder (@CJC9BOSS) on @WashWizards' all-black "funeral" plans for Celtics tonight: 'That's cute!" -…

RT @ChrisWesseling: Good read from @kpatra on E. Rowe -- and Belichick’s ability to "turn a broken clock into a shimmering mantelpiece” ht…

Connecticut Ride Share and Tailgating

Discussion in 'Patriots Fan Tailgate Meet Ups' started by Darrone, Jan 19, 2012.

  1. Darrone

    Darrone Practice Squad Player

    Any fans between 20 and 35 want to share a ride from CT and Tailgate together? I would love to split gas money on the way up, and you are welcome to join tailgating with me and a few friends.
  2. PatsGuy

    PatsGuy Rotational Player and Threatening Starter's Job

    :eek: OMG Age Descrimination!!
    I'll have you know that I always share my Geritol at our tailgate!!
  3. rickydee

    rickydee Rookie

    Actually was interested to see if anyone was heading up for NJ would would be interested in Ride Sharing? Where in CT? Still on the fence on picking up a Tix but last weekend was great! Anyone heading up from NJ too??

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