Chunky's Mock Draft V.1 12/21/05

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White would be a good option, but he will only declare if he is stupid, because he will be a late first round pick, thus having a low signing bonus (mankins only got 2.5 million, while Eli Manning the year before got almost 20 million)

White would be sacrificing soooo much money, it just would not be worth it, plus he would be the featured back at USC so he would be able to rack up the yardage...


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I would prefer we took a LB in round one, but not brooks...I like Ryans/Carpenter/Hodge for where we are positioned in the draft. It seems that Hawk and Greenway will be the first 2 LBs taken. As for our need at RB I would love to see that addressed by selecting Addai in the 2nd round. Corey is not getting any younger and selecting Addai in the second would be perfect because any RB we draft will not be an immediate starter.


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I would love for Addai to come to the Pats but it would take a lot for him to drop into our area of the second round. All of the RB's would have to drop some. He had a sick bowl game and i think his measurables at pro day are going to be really good. This is the guy i think that might be worth trading up a few spot to get.


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I don't think it would be asking too much for Addai to slip to us. Especially if either calhoun or Michael Bush declare. I don't know if I would want Addai that high. Good player, but I would much rather use a 1st rounder on a stud RB or a late rounder than a 2nd. Leonard would have been the perfect back for us but he stayed in school.
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