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Many folks continue to have us drafting Carpenter at 70. I think it's a fine idea. I also think that this is unrealistic. There are many teams looking for OT's and after the top 5, there is not a lot to choose from. Given the supply and demand situation, it seems unlikely that we would end up with Carpenter.
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I love Carpenter and would not be disappointed if we took him in the second round. Great work ethic and came right out of Juco and started at left tackle for Bama. Probably best suited for G but Pats love versatility and he could move outside in a pinch.


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I thought he looked better than Solder or Costanza in the Senior Bowl.


2nd Team Getting Their First Start
I thought he looked better than Solder or Costanza in the Senior Bowl.
According to observations from a half-dozen different sources, Carpenter started Senior Bowl practice week moving inside to OG where he looked solid and strong although was clearly just getting a feel for it. Then, sometime on day two, he kicked back outside to LT where he got mixed reviews. Notes were generally positive about his strength, athleticism and technique with the (more or less) consensus negatives being occasional lapses in recognition/understanding and that he struggled against speed off the edge. In the game, though, he was noted as easily handling Kerrigan and getting beat only once - by Beal when he was clearly offsides but it wasn't flagged.

These notes seem to agree with general scouting reports that project Carpenter to RT or possibly kicking inside to OG (though he doesn't apparently have a ton of experience there).


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I would be happy with him at 60 and being the RT of the future with Vollmer moving to LT. Having flexible OL like him that could play multiple positions can only make this team better for when drafting in the future.
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