Cancer part II (Go Fund Me Added)

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Nov 29th

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SammyBlueCat Supporter Supporter
Several of you encouraged me to do this and I was hesitant until I learned that I would miss at least 6 weeks from work.

Click here to support Cancer Surgery organized by Brett Roebuck

Of course no one owes me anything.

Prayer is of course free.

Surgery is on the 28th and I would encourage people to visit however I doubt anyone lives nearby :(

God Bless!

Brett (Aka Sammy Blue Cat)

Hyped Supporter Supporter hope for the best.

I also wish I could donate more. Hopefully, your short term disability kicks in ASAP.


The poster who James White said inspires him. Supporter
@IcyPatriot or some other mod can you please sticky?

I want to keep an eye on this because I'm ready to donate again but before I dip into the asian massage fund I wanna see how quick we can hit the goal.

Tony2046 Supporter Supporter
2019 Weekly Picks Winner
By the way Sammy, we asked you to do this so thanks.

But I expect no future negative ratings on any of my future posts. :D