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Breaking News: Shank found in Hernandez cell

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I agree this **** is old, he got his sentence. Let's move on from this, it's embarrassing.

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If true this seems a little over the top to me, even for Shank. If he wants to roll that way all he has to do is hang out with Buckley. Breaking into prison to spoon with Hernandez reeks of desperation.

Not judging

Just sayin'
Every time someone says or writes "Just sayin'" I'm positive it's far more than that. In fact, I know it's a core belief that goes directly to that person's soul.


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I wouldn't consider this breaking...i consider this.."in other news"

BTW..if i was in jail for life and famous and killed someone...i would 100% have a shank...(don't arrest me internet)

Joker Supporter Supporter mean Shank was playing prison biatch to daddy Aaron's big boss man to get his latest anti-Pats piece? Wha..?...oh wait...a shank...oh, I get it now. Yeah, uh...gee guess....:confused:


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Do you people who didn't get the reference skip reading the OP post and just read the title?
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