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BGC 2022 LB/PTP Thread

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Dec 6th

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ILB/PTP Thread

I really like this group and after watching most on here I think it's one of the more solid positions in this draft class.

The LB position has been caught in a transition over the last few decades. We're seeing the incredible amount athleticism and versatility put into the mix when making that position over. 10-20 years ago we'd talk about hybrids and about their potential. Well that potential has turned into reality and consistency in terms of playing the run and defending the pass. The position is still a work in progress but it's really caught up to what's asked and needed. Not easy finding guys that are smart, physical and willing to take on OL'm and have the speed and range to play in coverage. You see some of the guys playing today and it's amazing how good they are, how versatile the are. I wouldn't be surprised to see a few of these guys in that group in a few years

Devin Lloyd is really intriguing. Well spoken, seems very intelligent and humble. Just listening to him talk you can sense a guy that has a good head on his shoulders. Very quick to praise and credit others. Gives thought out responses. Always talking about the team, winning and wanting to win a championship. Seems like he was brought up right. He's going to kill the draft process and interviews. Teams are going to love him.

Nice physique with room for a few lbs. Long athletic frame around 6'3 230-235. Wears it well and almost maxed out. Body of WILL with MIKE makeup. Body is a work in progress still getting used to it and what he can do.

Former HS WR, S & even punted I believe. Looks like a hybrid, a bit of a chameleon from play to play.

Utilizes his length strong hands and ability to sift through traffic in the trenches. Hits, extends and gets off blocks pretty quick. Good punch, will swipe blockers hands away. Shows the mental toughness and fight you need to have up front. Recognition and ID skills have improved but still need to get better.
Has plus quicks and closing speed. Plus lateral ability. Not a great athlete but plus in most areas which help and make up for being a tick slow at times when diagnosing. Very good in chase and pursuit. Really like the efficiency in which he moves and paths he takes to the ball. Very good in flow. His movements both North/South and East/West stand out. Sideline to sideline speed. Takes efficient angles and beats OL'm trying to get out in space. Recognition could improve but he'll pick up on and recognize tells and he'll sure as **** call it out. Big time talker always barking and communicating. He'll switch up alignment at times to make plays - for example he'll come down on the edge if he sees protection issues. Change his steps slightly for another run play.

Quick to get to his marks in coverage. Fluid with range to play in space, length makes it tough to fit a pass over or around him but he can get caught looking at the QB too long. Smart and isn't a big liability. His movements and skill set allow him to carry crossers and fly underneath. Again room for improvement but he could be an impact player in coverage next level if he can develop a better feel, maybe trust that first instinct a little quicker in zone. A little more awareness but a lot of this just comes with experience. Trail and error.

Has experience blitzing and rushing off the edge. Although he won't have the decision Parsons did/does to line up there consistently Lloyd can absolutely rush the passer from a variety of spots and make an impact in the backfield.

Good tackler. Will over pursue at times but reliable.

Smart steps - beats OL on stretch plays outside. Have to get a body on him early or he'll disrupt or help make a play.

Overall he needs work but is a very good player in all areas. He's versatile and effective. He's really good right now with plenty of room to improve. And if you've watched him he's shown he has in all areas. Especially in coverage but he's made strides everywhere. Love to see it and he's coachable if you can't tell. Responds to challenges, isn't going to run and cry when tested or criticism is needed. Possesses the mental and physical traits you want. Smart, humble, tough that leads by example.

Tier 1
Nakobe Dean - 6'/225 - Georgia

Devin Lloyd - 6'3/235 - Utah

Henry To'o To'o - 6'2/225 - Alabama

Christian Harris - 6'2/235 - Alabama

Tier 1A
Brandon Smith - 6'3/245 - PSU

Edefuan Ulofoshio - 6'/230 - Washington

Leo Chenal - 6'2/250 - Wisconsin

Jack Sanborn - 6'2/230 - Wisconsin

Channing Tindall - 6'2/230 - Georgia

Amari Gainer - 6'3/230 - FSU

Micah McFadden - 6'2/235 - Indiana

Owen Pappoe - 6'1/220 - Auburn

Brian Asamoah - 6'1/230 -

DeMarvion Overshown - 6'4/220 - Texas

Quavaris Crouch - 6'2/235 - Michigan St

Ellis Brooks - 6'1/240 - PSU

Mike Jones Jr - 6'/220 - LSU

Chad Muma - 6'3/240 - Wyoming

Tier 2
Jack Campbell - 6'5/245 - Iowa

Nate Landman - 6'3/235 - Colorado

Payton Wilson - 6'4/240 - NC ST

Ventrell Miller - 6'1/230 - Florida

Damone Clark - 6'3/245 - LSU

Quay Walker - 6'3/240 - Georgia

Mike Rose - 6'4/245 - Iowa St

Jestin Jacobs - 6'4/240 - Iowa

Jack Sanborn - 6'2/230 - Wisconsin

Tier 3A
Shaka Heyward - 6'4/220 - Duke

Bumper Pool - 6'2/230 - Arkansas

Mohamoud Diabate - 6'3/220 - Florida

SirVocea Dennis - 6'1/230 - Pittsburgh

Isaiah Moore - 6'2/240 - NC State

Omar Speights - 6'1/230 - Oregon St

Devin Nicholson - 6'3/230 - Missouri

Drake Thomas - 6'/235 - NC State

Tier 3B
Mikel Jones - 6'1/230 - Syracuse

Jake Hansen - 6'1/230 - Illinois

DeAndre Square - 6'1/225 Kentucky / 6'1", 224

Kana'i Mauga - 6'2/245 - USC

Dee Winters - 6'1/225 - TCU

Terrel Bernard - 6'1/225 - Baylor

Luke Reimer - 6'1/220 - Nebraska

Anthony Ekpe - 6'1/235 - Ball St

Aaron Brule - 6'1/230 - Mississippi St

Kennan Pili - 6'3/235 - BYU

Riko Jeffers - 6'2/240 - Texas Tech

Nick Jackson - 6'1/230 - Virginia

Darius Muasau - 6'1/230 - Hawaii

Ivan Pace - 6'1/240 - Miami (OH)

Olakunle Fatukasi - 6'1/235 - Rutgers

Cam Jones - 6'3/230 - Indiana

Justin Wright - 6'2/235 - Tulsa

Baylon Spector - 6'2/230 - Clemson

Dillon Doyle - 6'3/235 - Baylor

Anfernee Orji - 6'2/225 - Vanderbilt

Chance Campbell - 6'2/240 - Ole Miss

Jojo Domann - 6'1/230 - Nebraska

Blaze Alldredge - 6'2/220 - Missouri

Tier 4
Jalen Graham - 6'3/220 - Purdue

James Skalski - 6'/240 - Clemson

Grant Morgan - 5'11/220 - Arkansas

Dorian Williams - 6'1/220 - Tulane

D’Marco Jackson - 6'1/230 - App St

Geoff Cantin-Arku - 6'4/230 - Syracuse

Shane Lee - 6'/240 - Alabama

Max Tooley - 6'2/215 - BYU

Justin Rice - 6'2/225 - Utah St

Josh Ross - 6'2/225 - Michigan

Jireh Wilson - 6'3/215 - East Carolina

Silas Kelly - 6'3/230 - Coastal Carolina

Diego ***ot - 6'3/240 - Navy

Jacoby Windmon - 6'2/215 UNLV

Jacquez Jones - 6'/235 - Kentucky

James Houston - 6'1/240 - Jackson St


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Micah McFadden is extremely comfortable and versed in coverage. He's really quick to handle anything in that shallow underneath area, sideline to sideline. Really quick to read and react. Same for screens/misdirection. He's made multiple plays up the seam as a T2 defender. Running 20 yards down the field taking away routes and big yards from that deep MOF area. Covers a lot of ground. Really seems like things connect quick in his mind. Plus closing speed. When he decides to go he does. No fear in attacking gaps or OL'm up front in the trenches. Can shed, dip and work his way through traffic down there. Very quick to key on reads. Rarely fooled. I like watching that LB corp but he always stands out.


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Lloyd is putting on a great show tonight against Oregon. Definitely one to remember in April


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Lloyd is putting on a great show tonight against Oregon. Definitely one to remember in April

He's lined up with his hand in the ground before. I can't see a team wanting to put him there full-time but a nice card to play.

He's been great this year. Improved almost everywhere but definitely in coverage. His patience, range and versatility up front is crazy though. Can line up at almost any of the spots at LB. Handle himself along the los. Fun player.